Ah yes, poetry. *sighs gleefully* My second attempt. I had my mother read this one too; she is as helpful as a roll of toilet paper. No offense mother . . . ^^;; Well, in this poem you're supposed to decide what the one thing is, so don't go asking, okay? It's supposed to be mysterious . . . sorta. Anyway please read and review everyone!
BTW: Usako, I love you! *huggles* Thank you so much for reviewing I'm Gonna Fly! It made me feel so much better at writing poetry!

Don't let it bend, don't let it break
Don't push it, don't pull it,
Don't give it for take,
The one true thing that we all have.

Don't let it shatter or splinter,
Don't let it crack through a game,
Don't let anyone steal it away,
That one thing that makes us the same.