hehe im just a 13-year old, so the poem is not very professional
i still have a long way to go ^_^

Love is a minute lamp in the infinite darkness
One may see it, but never touch it
Veiled by the night of lust, cooled by the fire of desire
Expelled from the human heart, confused by the mind

Dreary impurities infect the purest emotion
Overt shadows creep over the valleys below
Eliminating all validity among people
Sex tainted, bodily needs predominate

Newfound ecstasy vaporizes the moral ways of life
Open doors to civilization begin to close
The vessel of humanity has sunk in the swamp of greed

Exclaiming that lust can coexist with love
Xenophobic voyager, an amicable barbarian
It is all a montage of muddling contradictions
Stolen by the human mind with contemptuous ease
To seem as if the virginity of love was never offended