ATTACK OF THE M.S.C. (Mutinous Spam Cans)

Written by Kimberly Schreurs one Friday morning in LA class when she didn't know what the assignment was ;)

Years of toxic waste and Spam dumped in the same pit created malicious monster.

"Attack!" a girl yelled, running down the street. Following her were a fleet of blue tine cans, glowing eyes and a deep red sharp mouth. a picture of ham in the center. Mutinous mouths gaped open as they jumped on her, sinking their teeth deep. Blood spilled out onto the pavement as screams slowly died down. One man was left watching, smiling devilishly to himself, as the Spam cans chewed down a mid-morning meal.

"Spam me!" a man yelled, possibly the age of 55 or more. White hair was plastered to his head, sopping wet, yet looking very greasy as he fell through the bathroom door clutching a bath towel around his waist. A dozen or so oozing blue tin cans came to him at his words. Four of the cans held a plate as high as they would. On that plate was a thick Spam sandwich. "Master," the Spam can at the front said, raising the plate higher, his mouth oozing a bit of green stuff as he touched the plate. "Your sandwich, Master." The man picked up the sandwich and walked into his room slamming the door behind him.

A your girl the age of five stepped on the elevator and pressed the 7th floor button. The small box rose up and stopped. She stepped out into the room. Empty Spam cans were strewn about the shabby floor. The paint on the walls were pealing and faded, but the sun still shone in. "Professor Martinez! You here?" She yelled. The man with the white hair stepped around the corner, fully dressed this time. "Elise, darling. Glad you could make it. Your fate will match that of dear Professor Martinez's." She stumbled back slightly, her voice faltering as she spoke. "Pa-pa-p-pa-Patrick!?" She started moving backwards, but Patrick grabbed her arm and dragged her into a separate room. She screamed, but stopped as green ooze dropped on her head. She looked up and a blue blur was seen right before her face was torn off, then eaten.


Ummm, Spam belongs to some food company, I think it's Heinz... might not be though. I wrote this in my LA class, pardon me but it's supposed to be about some weird creature taking over the land or something like that in the year 3000. I really didn't understand the assignment so this is what i came up with. Read and Review people. Only constructive criticism, no flames. pwease? otey kay. ta ta's!