This is an example of my earlier stuff
Not very impressive... r/r plz

So much love and affection to you I want to be giving
I raised up my phone, dialed, with my heart racing
When I heard your voice it began a hurricane within my mind
The meaning of beauty and sweet you have redefined
For when you spoke, which was more than music to my ears
As if heaven itself has descended from above to here
Nightingale's songs shame by your simple greeting
Each word of yours provokes me to set up a meeting
I have been mesmerized, dazzled by your wonderful spell
This loving addiction, the most beautiful hell
If it is possible to hear you speak every day
Listening to every sound, every word you say
Holding each other's hand towards the setting sun
Feeling the warmth of each other's attraction
Life would no longer be so painful, each day a joy
If everyday i could hear your melodious voice
You make my emotions strong, weak with desire
Want to love you all, lift you a little higher
All my love is the only thing I can give you
I can make no promises, except that this is true