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Oh god. Where do I possibly begin? I am not nearly a good enough writer to make this section of The Harker Diary readable. But it is necessary. The publisher said it was. I wring my hands to try to coax poetry into them. Bear with my jerky writing. I do not do it often.

I do not know where to start. Rune left you hanging. I wish she hadn't. She's truly the only person who should finish this story. Her story.

My name is Mihai Tsepes. Rune knew me as Ronan, and I suppose that is how I should address myself.

This is what happened to Rune next.

She was unprepared. But I mustn't blame her at all. I believe we were all unprepared. Contrary to the extreme confidence most vampires exuded, many were inexperienced and unsure of their abilities. Not to mention the nearly none of our kind had attempted such a large massacre. I exclude Rajnish, of course.

The night of December the 15th dawned without preamble. It 'greyed' into severe blackness and took its time. The rain fell in thick heavy drops and with such frequency that even I was impeded by it.

I rose from my coffin at 6 o'clock and walked silently up the stairs to the room that belonged to Rune. It was locked but I managed to open it without much effort. The door swung open and I entered. Crossing the room to the bed, I sat on the edge and plucked her hand up into mine.

She murmured in her very human sleepiness and slowly opened her eyes. Moons glimmered up at me. Her body stiffened. "It's not time yet, is it?"

I shook my head slightly. "No."

She relaxed. "Then why are you here?"

I kissed her hand, revelling in its warmth and purity then leaned forward and kissed her forehead. When I pulled back she was crying. "I don't want to do this." She sobbed brokenly.

"I know, Rune. I know. When you're frightened and in trouble, I'll be there. You just need to call my name and I'll come running. I love you Rune. You can do this. You must do this. Millions of innocents, though they do not know it, are relying on you."

She didn't answer but began to tremble. I held her until she stopped. She threw back her blankets and moved to the other side of the bed.

"Please." She said, motioning for me to lay beside her.

I sat down, swung my legs over and lay beside her, putting my hands behind my head. She followed suit and soon we were staring up at the canopy of her four-poster.

"If I die," She mused, "I'll see Rita again."

"If you live, you'll see everyone else again."

Rune didn't say anything for a long time. A fierce wind rattled the windows and the rain slapped angrily against them. A tight knot curled up in my stomach and settled near my throat. I'd never felt so human. At length she spoke again. "Ronan, I love you. If something happens to me, please watch over Thomas and Cole. Please make sure they don't get hurt."

I swallowed. "Of course, Rune. I love you more than anything in the world. You only need to ask."

She nodded, rolled over and curled into the crook of my arm. We stayed that way for who knows how long. Her heart was pounding and I could smell the sweet gush of blood rushing through her young veins. She was terrified.

At length I could hear the movements of the rest of the castle and I nudged Rune. "We should go."

"No, please." She whispered. Begged.

"We must. You'll live. I promise."

"I'm not afraid to die, Ronan. I welcome death, a release from this horror. I'm afraid of killing."

"I know."

"What happens when you kill too many?" She asked.

"Ramses, Rajnish…"

"I don't want to be them."

I kissed her forehead. "You won't. You're too good. You're too pure."

We dressed and left the castle. There are small details I don't know if I should include. What weapons she brought, the clothes she wore. It doesn't matter. Not really. What matters is you know what happened.

We reached the facility at 830. Normally, this is closing time, but not tonight and not for the past 6 months. Now it was full of witches, working overtime, protecting their master.

Our 4 teams were led by Rajnish at the front, Ifan covering the rooftop entrance, and Lucrece the back entrance. Rune, Ramses, the three, Stockton, Conall, and Ulbrecht, and I made the last team. We entered the private entrance on the east side, closest to WAV05's main office.

I remember Rune telling me how loud it was. There were so many screams.

Ifan's team dropped in first. They eliminated the electricity. Inside, it was bathed in red light from the sporadic EXIT signs still aglow. After the lights went out, Rajnish and Lucrece entered at the same time. Rajnish's mind set many flying into the walls. The crunch of their bones sent shivers up my spine.

Lucrece's team were armed with swords and when they weren't removing heads and limbs, they stood back for her spells to be loosed. She froze so many. There were pools of water everywhere and blue bodies stacked up against wall.

They slowly started to push the Hexe into the gym where Ifan's team dropped in from the top.

Rune and I stopped and watched as fires broke out down the hall and the screaming continued. In the gym, those with swords were quickly dulling them, mutilating everyone they saw.

She gripped her own sword tighter, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. Behind us the east exit opened and witches and their male relatives flooded the small lobby.

Stockton, Conall, and Ulbrecht charge them with only their teeth and claws. Rune unsheathed her sword and I calmly jumped into the meelee.

Rune was so fluid in her movements, her destroying. Two witches were on her, one from behind and one in front. She gored the one in front while sharply kicking the one behind. Swinging her sword high above her and roaring she turned and decapitated her classmate. Blood sprayed from her foe's neck and droplets splattered across her face and her white t-shirt. Another beside her lost her leg as Rune ducked low to take her out.

Stockton was growling like a beast as he devoured witch after witch. He gorged himself on so many. I pulled him back and whispered harshly, "You'll fatten yourself too much and get tired. Stop. Now."

He did stop and started beating the witches with his fists. Ulbrecht was much more graceful and moderate. They were simple moves she used to remove the witches from her path. Conall however was also gorging himself as Stockton had and I had to shove him off a witch that had long died. "She's dead. Get up and help Rajnish. You too, Ulbrecht, Stockton. Go help Rajnish. Now!"

They left Rune, Ramses, and I there to deal with the rest that had come through the east entrance. Pools of blood stained my boots but I did not taste any. I couldn't.

Ramses wildly bit everyone he saw and we saw he could handle this smaller group. I grabbed Rune's arm and pulled her down the hall towards the main office. Her sword dripped blood behind her and I saw her face was blank. She wasn't in shock. She wasn't angry. She wasn't tormented by all those she had killed. She looked up at me and said, "Take me to him."

There was a private elevator that reached the second floor where all the main offices were. We entered and absurd music floated in. Her sword was still dripping on the floor and she was smirking slightly. Her heart was so calm.

"Rune. Are ok?" I knew this was a ridiculous question. But what could I ask?

"I'm perfectly fine," She grinned eerily, "Thank you for asking."

The elevator doors opened and she raised her sword beside her head. She ran full tilt down the hall, silent. No sound escaped her lips but the silence was enough to strike terror through her enemies. I walked slowly behind. These were her kills. I would not interfere.

Rune entered every office and slaughtered all who worked there. Hardly anyone screamed. They knew this was coming. They knew the prophecy. I saw one man already on his knees, bowing his head. Rune shrugged and quickly brought her sword down. His head rolled to her feet and stared up at her. She stared back. Daring him to pick up his own head and fight her.

Some did try to fight back but it was futile. Rune blocked there magic with her mind and they usually lost a hand before being run through. Blood dripped from her hands causing them to slip on her sword. She wiped them on her blood stained pants to strengthen her grip.

At this point, halfway down the hall, Ramses joined us and we stood together. We watched her, I, in horror, and Ramses in admiration.

There was so much blood and so much silence. Until, she stopped at the last office. She entered just as before but there was no spray of blood, no usual whimper of the victim. This time there was nothing.

I strained my ears. I heard them speaking in hushed calming voices. "Rune. Don't kill us. Please don't. Can you hear me? Rune it's me! It's Thomas."

"And it's me Cole."

"I don't think she can hear us. Can she see us?"

I walked quietly to the door and stood in the shadow watching the situation unfold. Rune stood there staring at them. They sat behind two desks, gripping their chairs tightly. Thomas was weeping.

"Rune. Please. If you're going to kill us. Do it now. I can't wait any longer." Cole said standing.

With his movement, Rune's head slowly turned to look at him.

"Kill me now, also." Thomas whispered standing as well.

She looked around at him to as a tear trickled out her eye. "Thomas?"

He didn't answer but held his breath.

"Cole?" She said turning back to him.

Cole swallowed. "Rune. You're not like this-"

"Oh shut up! Yes, she is like this! Kill them, Rune. Destroy them." Ramses had stepped from the shadows to stand by her. He whispered in her ear as he caressed her neck, "Do it."

My cold blood rose to a boil and I grabbed Ramses by the collar and yanked him from the room. I pushed him to the ground and began beating him. I beat him until the witches blood he had just drank ran from in streams. Then I stood and watched Rune again. Ramses would not be getting up for a few minutes. Not until he had healed the brain damage I had inflicted.

Rune hadn't even noticed what I'd done with Ramses. She had lowered her sword.

"I will not kill them." She uttered and turned to me. "Take them away from here. Take them somewhere safe right now. Before anyone else sees them. This is my battle with the top floor and only mine."

"As you wish." I said and led Thomas and Cole from the room. I stopped near the elevator and watched Rune climb the steps to the top floor and main office. Then I turned and took the men down the elevator and out of the facility. I took a car from the parking lot and drove many miles down the coast. At last I found the cave Rune had written about so long ago. They were a series of caves and tunnels that I led them through and left them deep inside the cliffside.

"Do not move. I will come back for you in a few hours. When all of this is over and done, you will then be free."

Cole grabbed my sleeve as I turned to go. "Thank you."

I didn't say anything as I left and ran my supernatural speed back to the facility.

I entered the front entrance this time. There were bodies everywhere. Lesser vampires had stayed back from the meelee in the gym and were feasting on some of the half alive bodies left behind.

"Do you know who has fallen?" I asked one.

She stood up, realizing she held some importance now. "I only know that Vasco and Ulbrecht are dead. Decapitated by that bitch, the doctor."

"I see. Is the doctor dead?"

"No. Conall's with her in the infirmary."

"Find out who else has fallen and report back to me. Go."

She hurried off and I walked down to the infirmary. Before I reached it I could hear the whimpering of a slowly dying human inside.

Conall had removed his blood soaked shirt and it lay discarded on the floor. On the table lay a young woman with long black hair, tears streaming silently from the corners of her eyes. Her mouth was alternatively closing and opening in silent horror and agony.

He had removed her shirt and I could see teeth marks all along her torso. Her chest was heaving in fear and she looked at me in terror like some wild animal about to be devoured by the king of the beasts.

Conall had his hand up her thigh as he drew his dagger across her stomach. A small slit of blood opened and dripped out. He would bleed her slowly. It was his way.


"Oh yes? Isn't she delightful? She killed Vasco you know. She killed my sister, you know?"

"I know." I said.

"I think I'll bleed her." He said smiling a little. I saw the loss of Ulbrecht shining in his eyes. He hurt. He hurt more than he thought he could. "Yes, I think I'll bleed her."

I smiled wryly. "You always do."

A small voice came up from the table. "Please. Help me. I know who you are. You're Ronan. You're Rune's. Please. Cole is my brother."

I couldn't help my eyes narrowing. All witches were to die. But what was one more?

"She's dying already." Conall whispered.

Lor's eyes widened. "Please." She raised her head to look at Conall. "Make me like you."

"Make you a vampire? What? Are you afraid to die? Afraid to be nothingness? Because let me tell you there is nothing after death. There's no god, no heaven, nothing. There's fucking nothing. Maybe other vampires will tell you different. Maybe they want redemption. Maybe like, Ronan here, they believe they can redeem themselves for heaven. Well it doesn't exist my pretty."

"I believe you." She said. "I don't want nothingness."

"No one does." I said wryly.

"You deserve nothingness for what you did. You deserve it." Conall said pressing the blade into her thigh this time.

She gasped, "Oh please."

Conall looked to me and I could hear her heart slowing. "What do you think, Ronan? Shall we?"

"I will not. You make your decision, but I will not be part of it. Yet if she dies, know that her brother will not rest until you are slain."

I left the room. I hate those who walk willingly into the chaos of death.

I vampire I had spoken to earlier walked up to me.

"It's not conclusive, but I've spoken with Lucrece and there are a reported 31 dead. 4 are critically wounded. Vasco, Ulbrecht, Morana, and Amaya are among the dead. Stribog and Finn are wounded."

"Morana." I murmured.

"She's missing. Lucrece presumes dead."

"All right. Form a team and start sweeping the building for valuables. Tell Rajnish he needs to search the building for remaining witches." I ordered.

"Rajnish isn't around. Lucrece can't find him."

"He's gone?" I said, shocked.

"He's not on the main floor." She said.

"All right, tell Lucrece to search then. I will find Rajnish. Although I might already know where he is."

"Yes, sir." She said before turning to go.

"Tell me your name and sire."

"My name is Arcadia. My sire was Vasilios, of Amaya's line." She shuddered a little.

"I never liked her either." I said before walking off.

Rajnish had left the carnage. It seemed so unlike him. It slowly dawned on me why he could be where I thought he was. Why he would want to be there. So I ran.

I ran to a window, broke it easily, and hoisted myself out. I crawled up the wall as fast as I could to the top floor. I broke through the large bay window there and fell to my knees when I saw the scene.

There were bodies strewn around the large room. Blood streaked the windows and dripped from the bookcases. Rune's sword was imbedded in the floor in front of the large oak desk where a figure lay slumped over her keyboard.

In the middle of the room…

She was naked and so was he. He lay beside her, his body caked in blood. She was hardly breathing. Her heart was nearly gone. I ran to her and kicked Rajnish out of the way. He was asleep.

Her eyes were closed but when I leaned over her she opened them. Tears streamed from her eyes but she was not crying.

"Oh my god. Rune." I choked.

She smiled weakly. "Release." That was all she said.

I didn't realize I was weeping until they started splashing her face. Blood was still flowing from the bite on her neck.

"Oh fuck. Rune. Don't leave me. I'm weak and blind without you. Don't leave me. You can't. It's too selfish. Fuck! I can't go on without you. You destroyed the numb and brought me light. You cannot leave me now." I hugged her close and wept.

It was out of the question, but I did it anyway. I am cruelly selfish. I tore my wrist open with my teeth and as she breathed her last I pressed it to her mouth.