The Other Four

With nature comes it's apprentices

Whom come to grace and bring

Tranquility to the Earth.

From the nearest garden of life,

To the farest remote crevice of despair,

They come with staffs of sincerity

And gentle blankets of love.

Number one arrives with the

Peaceful gifts of love, hope and light.

Each bringing baskets and parcels

Of joy and new beginnings.

As number one takes it's leave,

Number two arrives bringing

Days of beach entertainment

And nights of peaceful romance.

When number three arrives,

The days of entertainment and joy

Come to an end as life settles down

And colors of golden silence arrive.

Last but not least,

Number four arrives

Bringing it's stubbornness

And rudeness in an ice shattering way,

But it's enough for the residents of nature

To snuggle up and sleep.

As number four leaves,

So arrives number one

As the cycle of hope and life has begun.

So do not cry when a loved one

Is taken away.

For the end of a life...

...Only leads to a new beginning...