Chapter 9


GeorgieBoyy86: what?!

JP0987: . . .

DisasterMaster85: tell me ya lyin

CRTSk8erChik: OMG!

Softballgirlie29: r u sure?

Banginchik4eva16: Oh no! Oh no no no! OH NO!

LiLChiKa4eVa16: itz true . . .

GeorgieBoyy86: ::faints::

JP0987: . . .

JP0987: is it . . . u know . . .

LiLChiKa4eVa16: . . . Bradz?

JP0987: yeah

LiLChiKa4eVa16: yupp . . .

Softballgirlie29: thats horrible!

CRTSk8erChik: what r u gonna do?

Banginchik4eva16: ur not havin an abortion right?

DisasterMaster85: how r u gonna take care of it?

LiLChiKa4eVa16: i dunno wut i'm goin 2 do . . . no i'm keepin it . . . i can't kill a person inside of me . . . n i dunno how . . .

GeorgieBoyy86: i'll be here if u need me

Banginchik4eva16: i'll babysit when u have it

CRTSk8erChik: n i'll also help

Softballgirlie29: i'm there

DisasterMaster85: i'll drive u places if u need

LiLChiKa4eVa16: thanx guyz . . . ur the best

GeorgieBoyy86: np

Softballgirlie29: yw

CRTSk8erChik: always

DisasterMaster85: ne time

Banginchik4eva16: what r best friendz 4?

LiLChiKa4eVa16: ^-^

LiLChiKa4eVa16: Josh?

JP0987 has left the chat room.

I couldn't believe it. Why did he leave? Right when I told everyone the bad news . . . I thought he'd understand and try to help me! I could feel myself start to tear. I wiped my eyes. No way was I going to cry over this. He probably got kicked off or something.

I signed off without saying good bye to the others. I decided I'd call Josh and talk to him myself. I picked up the phone and dialed his number. Please answer. But no one picked up. I hung up and ran down the stairs. I opened the door and hurried out. I was going to find Josh.

I figured he'd be at our secret fort we had when we were all very little. That's where Josh, George, and I had spent our time together. It was right behind my house so it was convenient. I walked to the entrance of the path that led me to the fort and followed it.

I finally reached the fort and a wave of memories filled my mind. I had so many good memories when I was younger. I had nothing to worry about then. I remember when we first built this fort together.

At first I couldn't go in there. I knew I'd be overwhelmed when I went inside. I persuaded myself to go in. I looked around, not seeing Josh. All my memories came rushing back to me as I took in every little detail.

I found my way to my corner and saw something peaking out from underneath the blanket we put down. I lifted up the edge of it and pulled out a small book. It suddenly hit me. This is my diary! I opened it up to one of the entries.


Dear Kitty,

Josh is so kawaii! And so sweet! Today for my birthday he gave me some flowers. My favorite to be exact! Cherry blossoms. George gave me some yummy chocolates! Man, were they good! Gotta Twirl.

Love From,

Hollie A.

I remember that! I flipped to another page.

Oct. 16th 2000

Dear Kittie,

Halloween is almost here. It's going to be so great! George, Josh, and I had an idea to dress up in the same time period so we're all matching. I'm a princess, Josh is my knight, & George is our joker (Figures lol) I can't wait! We're going trick-or-treating together, too!

George was sick today so it was just Josh & me. Boy, did we have fun! And oh my god! This one point we were just talking & the next minute he kissed me! OMG! I couldn't believe it! Gotta Fly.

Hugz n Kissez,


The first time he kissed me . . . I turned to the last entry. My heart stopped as I read the date: April 20, 2002; the day after the 8th grade dance. The last time I set foot in here.


Dear Kitz,

The dance was horrible! Josh "cheated" on me I guess you could say. With Claire. The girl I loathe . . . He kissed her and I can't believe it still. I wish it was just a nightmare but I know it wasn't. It was real. I loved Josh . . . now I hate him! Gotta Bounce.

Luv Alwayz,


But things have changed, I told myself. I found out she had planned the whole thing but I pretended to think he did kiss her. I was so stupid! Josh cared about me but I was too blind and afraid he'd hurt me again . . . He was my best friend and he got to me.

I put the book back and walked outside. I went behind the fort where there was a sparkling river. I leaned on the railing and took a deep breath.

"Beautiful isn't it?" I heard a voice from behind me say. I had an idea who it was but didn't turn around.

"Yeah." I replied.

The person came over next to me and also leaned on the railing. "But it's not as beautiful as you."

I blushed and turned to face the person. As I guessed, it was Josh.

"I knew I'd find you here." He commented.

"What do you mean?"

"I signed off to go over your house. To take care of you, tell you I care, tell you I love you, tell you I'll help. . . tell you I want to adopt your baby when you have it."

Tears of joy fled from my eyes and I smiled.

"Hol, I would be the luckiest man on Earth to have you. Will you marry me?"

I thought about this for a while. I finally had a huge grin on my face. I hugged him tightly never wanting to let go.

"I will!" I exclaimed. He smiled.

"We can get married when you're ready." He told me.

I looked into his brown eyes deeply. I finally found my true love. I came closer to him and closed my eyes. Soon our lips were touching. A feeling of warmth spread throughout me. It was a shocking feeling. It felt so . . . perfect.