December 14, 2006

"Carla, can you feed Andy for me?" Hollie asked her bridesmaid as she was getting ready for her special day.

"Sure thing Hol." She responded and went over to feed Andrew Connor Parkhurst.

"Are you sure this dress doesn't make my butt look big?" Em asked again for the millionth time.

"Em your IMPOSSIBLE!" April laughed.

"Do I have to wear a dress?" Jeri whined.

"Yeah . . . but just for today." Hollie reminded her.

"Oh okay." Jeri gave in.

Carla came back over and finished getting ready.

"Hey Hollie, remember in Science class when you screamed out, 'My water broke!'" Emily laughed. "That was funny!"

"Did you see the look on Mr. Young's face?!" Jeri asked laughing wit Em.

"Yeah." Hollie giggled.

"He was probably thinking he could deliver your baby and have a lesson at the same time." Carla joked.

"It wouldn't surprise me!" Hollie agreed.

"We had some great times together in high school." April sighed.

"Now we're all grown up." Jeri rolled her eyes.

"Hol's the one over here getting married." Emily pointed out.

"But she'll always be one of us!" Carla smiled.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hollie asked. "Am I too old for you girls now?"

"Never!" They all exclaimed.

"Don't forget about us when your busy with Andy and work and all that." Jeri ordered her.

"How could I? You guys are the best friends I could ever ask for." Hollie grinned.

"Now you're going to make me cry!" Em said joking.

"Shut up Em! You're ruining the moment!" April commented.

"One last hug before your officially Hollie Parkhurst?" Carla asked.


The friends gave each other a group hug.

"You have the ring?" Josh asked nervously.

George checked his pockets. "Yeah."

"Good." Anthony said

"A ring barer without a ring would be bad." Chris laughed.

"I'm not only the ring barer, Chris. I'm the Best Man because I rule!" George reminded him.

"Don't get too close to my fianc?span> since she's the Maid of Honor and you'll be walking up to her."

"I'd never get close to her. I've got Carla anyways. Oh, and don't get to close to her since you're walking up with her."


"I'm the only one walking up with my girlfriend it seems." Ant smiled.

"Big deal man." Adam said.

"You're just jealous because you have to walk up with your girlfriend's cousin."

"Shut up."

"Ha ha." Josh teased.

"You're still my little bro, Josh."

"Yeah, well I'm a big boy now!"

"My little boy is all grown up now." George joked.

"Not this again . . . now he'll lecture me." Josh sighed.

"No I won't. Just take care of her. I'll find out if your not and I'll beat ya ass if you do." George laughed.

"Uh huh . . . sure . . ."

"You may now kiss the bride." The minister said after they said their vows.

Josh pulled Hollie's veil up over her head and smiled. She returned the smile. Then they shared a passionate kiss in front of all their friends and family. They let go and smiled again. "I love you." They both whispered to each other.