Chapter 1


I was sitting on the bus with my headphones on full blast. I was listening to my old Adema CD, #5- The Way You Like It. It was my favorite song on their CD. George Habowski sat down next to me in my seat since Emily wasn't on the bus that day. I took off my headphones and turn my CD player off.

"Yo, Hol, what's up?" He asked.

"Nada you?" I laughed.

"Not much."

That was our daily routine. It had been like that since I started high school. Now I was a Junior and he was a Senior. Life couldn't have been any funnier and more fun than it could now. George was the best person to cheer me up and made me laugh whenever he could. He even stopped me from committing suicide, in 7th grade, when I thought no one cared. Sure Josh helped, and he was my friend then, but I try not to think of him after that night. That night in 8th grade . . .

After that I completely ignored him . . . well . . . kind of. Josh and George were best friends now so it was hard not to be near him. George knew about the whole Josh and me thing, since he was there that night with Carla, so he tried not to take sides. But, he did try to get us to be friends again. Ha! Like that would ever happen! George and me actually went out for a little while, but he was so much like a brother to me that it felt weird and we decided to just stay friends. That boyfriend/girlfriend relationship lasted about a week or two.

We finally reached school and when I stepped off the bus I thought it was going to be a great day. Little did I know what was ahead of me. It was just like any other day, sure. George went over to Josh, gave him a high five, and they would talk about girls the whole day. Jeri was making out with Anthony and Veronica Bertoia was flirting continuously with Seth Blough and he was doing the same back. Then they finally started making out so much they were practically rolling around on the ground.

April was sitting on Richard's lap, kissing him and then Carla Thomas walked up to George and kissed him on the cheek. But today, Jeri also came up to me for the first time this year, after she was done making out with Anthony, that is.

"Hey, Hollie." Jeri greeted me when she was in front of me.

"Hey, Jeri. What's up?" I answered her.

"Not much. Hey, I was just wondering . . ."

"Yes?" I asked. "What is it?"

"What ever happened to you and Josh anyways?"

I stood there staring at her. Why did she have to bring up that subject? Couldn't everybody just drop it and forget about it? He kissed another girl . . . what else was there to say?

"He . . . well . . . remember that dance in 8th grade?"


"Well, he came as my date and when I came back from the bathroom from a chat . . . you know, like the latest news . . . and I saw him kissing Claire Smithson. Remember, she was the most popular girl in school at the time."

"Yeah, I remember. So what did you do after that?"

Couldn't she just stop with the questions? The subject made me feel uncomfortable. It made me remember every moment I ever had with Josh . . .

"I went up to him and slapped him. Then I was about to leave and go home but he begged me to stay until 11 so his brother could pick us up and I didn't even have to glance at him for the rest of the dance. He said I could ignore him, basically."

"Did you?"

"Hell yeah! But the thing that really pissed me off was after I started to walk away again he said, 'And that kiss was good!' . . . they were his exact words."

"Oh my god! That really sucks! You two made such a cute couple, too. Well, I'll talk to you later, okay? I have to be at Math soon. Bye!"

"Okay, see ya!" I said and she ran off to class.

"I better be off, also. Can't be late for Italian!" I said aloud to myself.

I walked over to Josh and George and asked, "So, you ready to go?" The question was mostly based to George, but they both replied, "Yes."

I was glad there was at least some one I knew that had the same classes as me, at the same times. Emily also did. I had the same lunch period as the three of them and Jeri, Veronica, Gregg, Garrett, and Carla. Oh, and unfortunately, my uncle, Kyle Andreoli. Yes, my uncle's only a Senior but who cares? There are also more people I know but they don't matter as much since I barely talk to them. Although, I do have lunch with the most "Oh-so-kawaii" (Oh-so-cute) guy at school, Brad Joseph. All the girls drool over him, but who can blame them? He's attractive, funny, and nice. Downfall: He's a good friend of Josh.

We walked to Italian class and sat down in our regular seats: Josh, George, and then me. I was taking my books out of my bag when Brad, who sat behind me, said, "Hey, Hollie. We still on for tonight? I can't wait to have my dick in your mouth." Okay . . . so he's perverted too . . . but I don't see a problem with that.

"Fuck off, Brad." I heard Josh say. I looked at Josh. How dare he help me in my own "fight."

"Oh, Brad," I started. "How does eight sound? And then after that we can have some real fun."

"Sounds good to me!" Brad answered.

"She doesn't know what she's getting into. She's acting like a little ho or slut. She can get hurt." I heard Josh whisper to George. "She could get raped. You know Brad will do anything to have sex with her."

"Yeah, but you know she won't go over there, even if he's popular. She's just saying that and it's making you jealous." George whispered back.

"Me, jealous? Ha! That's a good one."

"Whatever, dude."