ONE YEARS WAR – 2020 – 2021

A diary of a fifteen year old Welsh boy



War never changes.

The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth.

Spain built an empire based on her lust for land

Hitler shaped a battered Germany into a European super-power,

But War never changes.

Soldier after soldier dies in the

Defence of their county,

Their home land and their family.

People lay dying on the ground,

Whist the war waged on around them.

All for what?

It doesn't gain wealth and land.

It destroys wealth, land and human lives

Why must people suffer it?

Because people are vain and arrogant,

With little mercy,

Each wanting to control the world.

There are no winners in war, only loses.

Human loses.

What ever the cause


My name is Jeremy Smith. I was fifteen years old when the Third World War started. From January 2020 I started to write in the diary I got for Christmas off my dad, before he went away with the army. There had been great tension within the United Nations over which nation controls the last coal and oil supplies. America had annexed Canada and our troops had gone to defend Canada. In the whole world, the United Kingdom was the only united nation. Scottish and Welsh troops went to join the Armed forces, Ireland was asked if they wanted to fight with us or fight themselves, they chose to fight with us.

By this time the spoils of war became its weapons of war, Uranium and Plutonium. This is my story of the events before, during and after the one year of war. Although after the first two hours of the major fighting most of the world was reduced to cinders.

January 1 2020

New Years Day

Nothing much to celebrate, we just sat around preying their would be no war. The coal and oil supplies have run very low. Our home is on minimum use of water and heat. Everything's cold, there is little food. Our tiny village has moved together in the church hall in order to preserve our limited supplies. We all sat round the radio and television today, listening and watching to every news bulletin. The tension in the world is growing stronger. The United Nations will be disbanded any day now.

Every wife and mother received the worst news today. Due to the shortage of fighting men and women, men were beginning to be called up for service. My dad, brother and sister have all gone, leaving me, mum and William my sixteen year old brother. The situation reminded of me when we did the First and Second World Wars of last century in History last year. The BBC were showing films and cartoons to keep peoples sprits up, ITV and Channel 4 were having a 20th century film and program week, showing loads of old films and programs from the 20th century. Steak and Salad for tea tonight. I am helping the priest to prepare a play for the Under twelve's, its about four soldiers in the 2nd World War who go off to fight for their country. This is full of hope and joy as all of them come back home at the end. I think the priest has stopped believing in God and Jesus. So have many of the people.

January 2

The tension has got even stronger, with America treating to Annex Canada, I don't know what that means but with all the worried looks on every ones faces, I think its pretty bad though.


Looked "Annex" up in one of the old dictionaries in the Church hall, it said:

"annex to unite at the end: to subjoin; to bind to; take additional territory under control – annexation n. the taking over by one power of territory without consent of the other state; what is annexed.

I hope they don't. My mum said it could be the start off another war.


The priest finished writing the play for the little ones, he has defiantly stopped believing in what he does. I have suggested that we do the Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens or Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham, but he wasn't listening. The old ones agreed that we do Wind in the Willows so Ms. Jackson the Drama teacher at my school has agreed to come over and help us.

January 3

Britain has united with France!. France doesn't want to fight on her own, in fact they don't want to fight, they have said they will defend Britain from attack or invasion as long as we unite forces and Governments. Our Government said yes!. Now we have French soldiers helping to defend Britain. They want at least one country to be around if there is a threat of Nuclear War. The French have been round helping the British forces to build Nuclear Shelters. We have all been assigned to a different shelter. Where in shelter number 13!. We are with the priest, Mr and Mrs West and Dr. Snape and his wife. So if we do get bombed we have a priest, two teachers and a doctor and a nurse to look after us.


Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Denmark want to help France to defend Britain! What is it with Britain. France are going to fight along side Germany. I think this will be the first time the two countries have ever fought together on the same side.


Spain wants to annex Portugal! Great! What is it with all these countries wanting to annex one and other? Portugal isn't to pleased about it and the Italians are going to defend Portugal if Spain does try to do it. Britain has told Canada, if Canada fight with us for peace then we will defend Canada against America. Guess what? Canada said yes. We had an emergency Nuclear Attack drill, it was great, although I could only understand some of what the French and German troops were saying.The United Nations is slowly disbanding.

January 4

The priest gave the strangest sermon today. He was going on about how the Bible could have been faked or misinterpreted. Then he announced he no longer believed in Christ and has signed up to join the Navy. We now have a French soldier who was wounded in fighting in Spain this morning. The Army have told him that he is to stay here until he recovers fully. His name is Pierre Matterson. He was an English teacher in France before he signed up for the Army. We have also got a new priest, from Glamorgan. He is also in our shelter. His name is Oscar Snape, he's related to Dr. Snape!

January 5

The new priest is cool! He's really good at getting on with people, and a really good actor. He has a copy of the play of Wind in the Willows! In book form as well. I offered to help with the scenery, Father Snape agreed. He has difficulty with the scissors that we have in the church. When we were bringing supplies from the school we never brought any left-handed scissors. Dr. Snape agreed to lend him his though.

January 6

The priest has just left my mother with bad news. In the protection of Canada, America bombed our lines, fifteen soldiers are dead. My father is one of them. We fought back, killing over a hundred American soldiers, America is dead angry. They are threatening to bomb Britain with Nuclear bombs. France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Belgium, Portugal and Luxembourg have all joined governments and called themselves the United Counties Counsel. The UCC has decided to try and put an end to the fighting in America and Spain. It could be a long time until that happens.

12 midnight

I am writing this entry from the safety of our Nuclear Bunker. The UCC has asked every one to move into their bunkers as it would be to late when the two minute warning goes if we are in our houses. All the bunkers in our village have been linked together underground with a tunnel like system. The soldiers have just finished building it. We know have a chapel, Infirmary, Schools and libraries. They have even installed some really advanced technology to ensure that we don't have to go outside again. We will be officially sealed in, in two days time. By then everything that we own will be placed in these vaults and this is were we will live until the UCC gives the all clear.

January 7

Spent the day moving supplies from houses, schools, churches, libraries, laboratories and hospitals into the vault. We have put dividers up in our bunker, which is now just another room in this large vault. We all now have our own small corner with a bed and our belongings. In order to save room William shares his section with my mum, and I share my space with the priest. He doesn't snore like my brother and has very few possessions. Our whole community has one more day until we are sealed into this vault forever. I'm secretly scared about it, but I am putting on a brave face. The only person who knows I'm scared is the priest, I told him this afternoon in the chapel. He said God will look after us all and make sure we're all right and pull through. I hope he is right. We lost another five hundred troops today, that's the whole of the UCC, America lost another thousand. The BBC and ITV are going to stay on the air but all the other channels are going off until the wars over.


Can't sleep. It was on the news at 10 that America was rounding up all her Nuclear Bombs and warning the countries who were fighting to protect Canada that if they don't stop they will bomb those countries. Spain has made peace with Portugal and joined the UCC. The only county that seems to be fighting currently is America. Father Snape said to try and get some sleep as tomorrow more supplies were being brought to the vault. Also they were thinking of putting more bunkers up so that everyone will be able to have their own bunker, families that is.

January 8

We are going to be sealed in at exactly noon, by the president of the UCC. China, Japan and Africa are at War! Australia are trying to keep the peace but are failing, the Uranium resources are getting low and Japan can't power her Nuclear Power plants without the uranium. Russia said they will try and keep the peace in China, whilst Australia concentrates on Japan. I think the only war that won't ever be solved is the war in India against Pakistan. We had our first casualty today. Father Snape was putting up the backdrop for Wind in the Willows when he fell of the ladder! He's broken his left arm so he won't be able to help with the backdrops any more! Dr Snape couldn't stop laughing, he said if anyone was going to fall of a ladder it would be him. I've found out what Dr Snape's first name is. It's Jeremy, his second name is Oscar and Father Snape's second name is Jeremy!

12 noon

We have just been sealed in. It was scary watching the outside world disappear from in-front of my eyes. We have to stay in this vault until the war is over. We got even more bad news. Thomas, my elder brother, and Dr Snape's son Mark have been killed in a Nuclear explosion. The Americans detonated the bomb under our lines. Prof. Watson who has come to work in the laboratory told me that Nuclear Explosions kill everything for miles around. He said he doubts that there will be much left of Canada when the news report comes in.

12 midnight

Prof. Watson was right. There isn't much left of Canada that's alive. All the people there are dying slowly and painfully. Mark and Thomas weren't killed instantly they were killed slowly by the radiation eating away at their major organs. Dr Snape and Prof. Watson said it must have been a very powerful bomb. We have lost the war against America. Canada has been destroyed, although I doubt the Americans will want it now, everything has been contaminated by the radiation. America has threatened to drop a bomb on Japan. If they do, the whole of Japan and her neighbouring countries will be completely destroyed, Japan has nine power stations. Father Snape and Dr Snape told me not to tell my mum that Thomas died in that way. She's safer knowing that he died instantly.

January 9

Woke up this morning to the sound of a siren. We were under attack! Even though we knew we were safe we couldn't help but worry about whether we were going to be killed. The attack lasted for two hours. After the attacks were over we turned on the T.V. The UCC reported that fifty of our troops were killed in the bomb attack on Britain, Scotland and Wales. My mum is dead worried. My sister Sara is still at sea, with the Navy and we haven't had any word from her since the war started. The UCC has reported that twelve of our ships have been sunk, we don't know if the Billington was one of them. Father Snape says not to worry and that God is looking after her and the crew. Casting has started today for Wind in the Willows, I'm trying for Mole.

12 noon

The priest and Ms Williams have cast the play. I'm playing Mole! We were short of a Ratty though. Dr. Snape suggested that Father Snape play Ratty as he has performed this play before, before he became a priest, he said no, but everyone else said yes! In the end we persuaded him to play Ratty. Rehearsals start on the 11th.


It's just been on the news. America has bombed Pakistan, and so did India, the UCC say that most of Pakistan has been destroyed by the bombing, I hope there exaggerating, my best friend lives in Pakistan, he went to our school last year and went back home to Pakistan before Christmas. Why can't America forget about controlling the last of the Coal, oil, gas and Uranium supplies, the UCC has, there just concentrating on protecting the innocent people in the countries. Africa has joined the UCC. Soon the only county that will be fighting is America.

12 midnight

The Billington has just been sunk by an American Warship. The UCC don't know if there have been any survivors. Canada has been declared a Radioactive Hazard. Prof. Watson explained that it means that the Radioactivity of Canada is so high now, that it would be very dangerous to go near it. The American States near the Canadian border has had to go on Radioactivity alert. We have been sealed in this vault for a day now, I wish none of this had ever happened, why couldn't we have learnt to use less of the Natural Resources, we knew they were going to run out. What's the point in fighting over who gets to control them? America is like Germany in the last World War.

January 10

We received news this morning. Dr. Sara Smith, the Billington's CMO was killed in the attack. That just leaves me, my mum and my brother now. I can't wait till the Rehearsals start tomorrow, it will stop me worrying about the war for a while.

12 noon

Even more bad news today. Ms Williams said that schooling will start on the 13th! Because most of the teachers went off to fight, there is only Ms. Williams, Mrs West, Mr West, Ms. Jackson and the French soldier Pierre Matterson who used to be an English teacher. If we don't get some volunteers soon the only subjects we will be taught are: English, Maths, History, Drama and French!

Father Snape and Prof. Watson volunteered to help in the school. Prof. Watson is going to teach Science and Father Snape is going to teach R.E


A UCC representative called today, he opened the hatch and came down to the chapel. He wants all men and women between the ages of sixteen and thirty to sign up for the Armed Forces. My brother William and the West's daughter Charlotte have signed up for Military Service. I hope William comes back when this war is over. My mum didn't want William to go, but he said it was his duty to protect his country. I watched him, Charlotte, Thomas Fox, the Organ Player and Dr Michael Roberts, Dr Snape's assistant, leave the vault and go out into the world to fight and die for their country.

12 midnight

Just woke up from a terrifying nightmare. I dreamt that William had been covered in Radioactive Waste from the Nuclear Bomb and it was eating away at his face and body, he was screaming and calling my name. He was holding his hand out for me, from a shell hole in the battlefield. Suddenly lots of people I knew were calling out for me, I turned and ran, but arms eaten away were reaching up for me, grabbing my ankles as I went. I woke with a jolt and woke the priest up. I told him about my nightmare, he said try not to worry, he's sure that William will come back after the war. He didn't sound convinced. I sat awake for ages, thinking until I finally fell asleep.

January 11

Day one of play rehearsals.

Couldn't concentrate today. I keep seeing William. I knew he wasn't dead as he had only just gone to fight, but I was still worried.

After play rehearsals Father Snape came up to me and asked to speak to me. He said that everyone is worried about my mother. She has isolated herself from other people. Father Snape showed me his glasses, which were all broken, and said my mother slammed the door to our room in his face, when he asked to speak to her. I said I would try to talk to her tonight.

12 noon

It's just been on the radio. America has dropped a bomb on the UCC training compound in France, it killed fifty cadets. I hope William isn't one of them. Father Snape said not to tell my mum. I agreed, no need worrying her over this, William probably isn't at the French Training Compound.


An e-mail arrived from the Padre at the UCC French Training Compound. It said:

I am sorry to inform all the relatives and friends of William David Michael Smith, Charlotte Sarah Michelle West, Thomas Patrick Fox and company physician Dr Michael Robert Alfred Mark Roberts attached to UCC Engineering Service were killed instantly in the parade ground, whilst doing a routine drill. The entire company was killed. The UCC will be placing a memorial up at the Training Compound and at the UCC headquarters.

Father Pierre Roberts, UCC French Training Compound, Paris.

Padre, R.C Church.

My mother and me have lost everyone now. Were the only members of our family left now, as far as I know. Thomas, Sara, William and dad are all dead now. The West's lost their only daughter, Thomas Fox didn't have any living relatives and Dr Snape lost one of his best doctors. Next month, I'll be sixteen. I have made up my mind and found away to avoid call up. Become a priest, doctor or scientist.


I spoke to Father Snape about becoming a priest, he said I would have to wait until I am eighteen, as fifteen is a bit young to be studying to be a priest, but until then he would be happy to have me under his wing and train me up a bit. I said I would think about it and get back to him when I decided. He replied that it was my decision. After I spoke to Father Snape I spoke to Dr. Snape and his wife. Dr Snape said he could really do with another doctor, but I wouldn't be allowed to practice medicine until I had taken my degree and got a licence. His wife said I could help out as a junior technician. All it would be is pushing trolleys about and cleaning up, and maybe helping the chemist dispense the drugs. I told them that I had one more person to see and then I would make my decision.

I looked all over the vault until I finally found Prof. Watson in the lab. I told him that I was thinking of science for a career and need some advice. He said that even scientists and doctors were being called up. They were short on Doctors and Scientific Advisors. I asked how he knew and he said that Father and Doctor Snape told him. He said if I really wanted to become a scientist I can help him in the lab with his paper work, experiments and research. I finished until I get a degree, but he replied that it was nether to early to become a scientist. I thanked him and went to sit in the library.

12 midnight

Just been woken up by Father Snape. I fell asleep in the library. He said that he and Doctor Snape have been looking for me for about an hour. I apologised and went back to the room. While I had been in the library I had decided to help Prof. Watson out in the science lab.

January 12th

Day two of rehearsals.

After the play rehearsals I went and looked for books in the library. I would be going back to school tomorrow in the new schoolroom that they had built next to the library. If I wanted to become a scientist I would have to do: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths. As well as these I am taking: English, Drama, French, Welsh and RE. I got books on each of these subjects out of the library and got my data pad out and started to gather information.

12 noon

Prof. Watson has just said he wants some help in the science lab, so I've abandoned my studies and gone to help.


Just finished helping Prof. Watson in the science lab. He's not from main land Wales, he comes from the Island of Anglesey and his first name is Alfred. He said I could call him Alfred in the lab, but no where else. Prof. Watson has this assistant Dr. Arthur Holmes, he's from Yorkshire. I think that quite funny, Holmes and Watson working in a lab together! Dr. Holmes said his nickname at school was Sherlock, on account that he likes the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his second name is Holmes. I asked Dr. Holmes if he was going to help out at the school as well, he replied yes, he is going to teach science and PE, he once played Cricket for Yorkshire's junior team.


Father Snape's just been brought in on a stretcher to the Infirmary. He fell down the stairs leading to the lower, living section of the vault. Dr Snape said all he's got a small fracture in his leg and a broken finger. I'm beginning to think that this priest is accident prone, it's the second major injury he's done and about the twenty-first injury all together, most of them are trapped fingers and cut fingers.

12 midnight

It's a bit lonely in my section of our room. Father Snape's been kept in over night and I am on my own in the section. I haven't seen my mother lately, not when we've eaten or when I've gone to bed. Everyone is worried about her, so am I. I am going to have to get some sleep as tomorrow its my first day back at school.

January 13th

Day Three of Rehearsals

Rehearsals have been postponed until six o'clock tonight as we have school all day.

I got my time table this morning.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

0900 – 0930 English Science Maths French Welsh

0930 – 1000 English Science Maths French Welsh

1000 – 1030 Science French German PE Science

1030 – 1100 Science French German PE Science

1100 – 1130 BREAK

1130 – 1200 Maths Geog. History Tech. Drama

1230 – 1300 Maths Geog. History Tech. Drama

1300 – 1330 LUNCH

1330 – 1400 Welsh History RE Geog. German

1400 – 1430 Welsh History RE Geog. German

1430 – 1500 RE Tech. English IT History

1500 – 1530 RE Tech. English IT History

I have no idea who'll be taking the lessons, although I do know that Father Snape will be taking me for RE. Since they made the call for teachers, soldiers who were teacher's before the war have come down to teach us.


I was in the middle of History when Father Snape (on crutches) came in said he wanted to talk to me. I followed Father Snape out into the corridor, where I met Cpt. John McKenzie, he and some guards have been posted to keep us safe inside the vault. He said my mother had gone missing that a search party around the vault was unsuccessful and they feared she had gone outside. I asked them why they feared about that and they replied that the Americans had dropped a Nuclear Bomb in the sea near here and it had contaminated the area. It was too dangerous to send a search party out and they feared the worst. I am now minus a mother. Father Snape said that he would look after me until I was sixteen, then I could have my own room and look after myself. I couldn't believe it. My mother had been on the edge since William was killed, why didn't she say anything? I hope she comes back, alive.


I didn't have to finish school today. I went back to our my room. I went through the curtains into my mum and William's space. There were two mattress on the floor and some shelves with old books on and some holo-novels for the Holo-room, underneath the shelve was a small table with pictures of William, Thomas, Sara and my dad on it, a bible in the middle and two candles. I sat on her mattress and cried. She was gone, just like the others, she was never coming back, no matter how hard I prayed I knew none of them were ever coming back.

A/N: Yea I know, it's not very good, but I wrote this when I was 11, I've always meant to get an opinion on it.

The poem at the beginning comes from a computer game called "Fallout" Well the opening bit, the rest is mine, and not so long ago Raymond borrowed it and wrote something similar.