Pinocchio - A poem i wrote late one day when i thought back
on the times when i felt so bad when this girl rejected me
and how my current gf rescued me from that girl's wrath
thanx michy *kiss*

I was the unwanted puppy in the corner of a lonely pet shop
I am yellow-skinned, but I was truly blue within
Covered in shame and abused by rejection
Hungry for affection, Thirsty for warmth
Waiting for my blue faerie to make me real
So that I may finally feel how it is to hold
Feel how love spreads from within my heart
To each corner of my parched body

Each day becomes a struggle for life itself
As if the way to end all problems is to end it all
Love hated, heart broken and abandoned
Like an added weight to the drowning blue body
Blue blood, Blue mind, blue heart, into the blue ocean
Looking for that lifeboat to carry me
I found that lifeboat, right in front of my eyes
And as that boat carries me from the sunset behind me
I approach the darkness that is my future