When the days start to blur together like trees outside your car window

When hours become minutes like my monkey as rain

When life becomes an experience that lasts forever like the creatures of the night

When radishes become tasteless like old watered-down coffee

When the road signs rust like water flows

When the din of cafeterias fades like flags on a battlefield

When teachers’ lectures fall from your mind like pennies from the millionaire’s hand

When traffic cones change their colors like society

When the Beatles are finally gone like love in the family

When stink becomes stunk like right becomes wrong

When classes like quicksilver disappear

When sleep comes like shells return to the sea

When flowers dry like snow on the Sahara

When Tutankhamen’s tomb is covered with sand like burn covers the skin

When stupidity is nonexistent like the dodo bird

When I run out of quotes like a hive runs out of honey

When fashion dies like a mosquito slapped from the skin, blood dangling from what we insignificant humans would call lips

When Darwin’s theories are finally proved true as they should be, like squeaky toys gain life

When a person who rides a bicycle suddenly forgets how to balance like babies who are away from their mothers

When…well that will just be when. For what I’ve said above fits in no time bracket. It exists simply as itself, in a universe where no man is equal in its existence. The words above make sense when combined with their sisters and brothers. They don’t make sense in their universe. There they become twisted and ugly, like an old crone whose magic has wrinkled her skin and embittered her. Her cynicism has become a part of her, so that every day life is yellow, black around the edges. In this story, none can be happy. The old crone sucks the happiness out of everyone around her, wind flowing on a tortuous pathway from the victim back to her. The blue air is tinted with purple, nothing else. When her body assimilates this air, the crone thinks herself happy. In truth, she is sad, for no one who preys on other’s life can truly be happy in its existence.

The moral of this story is that existence can be taken in doses, each of them having a different affect on the body.