Tears are falling on the ground
Stained with blood a reddish brown
The tears are glistening crystal ice
But when they hit the ground they melt
And blend with mud and blood

Swords sparkled silver
Now they are streaked red
Coated with life which once flowed
Through an enemy

Proud warrior faces once fair
Are full of hatred and joy of killing others

This happens now;
Tears are falling on the ground

Soon I see great machines killing
Thousands, millions in an instant
Red blood still spreading on the ground
Mud, blood of foes mix
Sons and daughters glassy-eyed
No longer with God's great gift of life.

I know it is coming
And I hate knowing
It is no gift I've been given
I see it,
And I pray to anyone who listens
To free me from this burden
I would never rise at morning
But I know I bear it,
It matters not what I shall do.

One instant, then more
Blood soaked into the ground
By sword or mechanism
Murder and no less
I hate to watch the death
I have to watch the death

It happens now and yet
Will happen again

Much will change,
But tears are falling on the ground,
Tears will be falling on the ground.