Whenever I talked to you

I knew you were a friend, dear and true

Oblivious to the fact that you liked me

I talked about another boy, so worry free

When you fell for a girl I despise

I knew my feeling were not mere friendship ties

I tried to tell myself it was because I hate the girl

But you sent my emotions into a baffling swirl

I thought I was in love with another

But my feelings for you I could not smother

I told you what I felt

But for me they were bad, the cards fate had dealt

You said, "I'm sorry, but it's too late."

Oh, how I loathe that cruel mistress fate

You said that on me, you had given up

My feelings were that of a wounded pup

I do not write this to make you feel sad

But because it makes me feel better, if only a tad

While crying I try, but you I cannot hate.

For it's my fault I realized just a little too late.