Memories of Happiness

I turn the corner

And pass by the guy

Who use to be my life

I try to smile

To pretend I'm happy

I can't

I walk farther

And pass the teacher

Who tried to make me valedictorian

I ignored her and lost the will

I try to lift my head

To look confident

I can't

I pass by the music room

Where I could have become

A world famous flute player

But I lost the enthusiasm

Nothing made me happy

I try to hum my favourite tune

I can't

I walk by my friend's locker

The friend who use to love me


When I was happy

I try to wave hello

To look excited to see her

To show her I want to be friends again

I can't

I reach my own locker

I turn the dial

I swing open the door

I am eye to eye to a picture

Filled with memories

Of happiness

There I am

In the middle

The one with the big cheesy grin

The one whose arms are around all her friends

The one who's sitting in her boyfriend's lap

The one who use to be happy