You hide

You tremble

You are utterly alone in your mind

You make me sad

All of these things that you say

How such and such hates you

How you have no friends

Each phrase stabbing at my heart

How could you feel so lonely?

It makes me sad

That I can't help you

It seems that you are out of my reach

It depresses me to feel this helpless

You have more friends than me

But no, they're 'acquaintances'

It hurts each time

Every time you utter words like this

Because it seems that you can't see,

See how many friends you actually have

It also depresses me

Because you and your 'acquaintances'

Are better acquainted than me and the people which I call friends

It hurts

Stabbing my heart and depressing me

To hear you talk like you are alone

Because if it wasn't for you,

I would be more alone than you think