Every single moment spent with you
Is a nightmare, seconds seem like hours, it
Is impossible to get away
From this hell, because you are not
The most beautiful thing on Earth
When you speak it is as if the fires of hell
Has decended upon the living and lands in my life
I have never loved you, and never will, for
You are as beautiful as
A slimy slug in the garden of wickedness, not
The holy, untouched, sacrosanct Diana
That you envy and wish to be
There is nothing in the world
That is more horrid than you
Not even the Devil from deepest of hells
Compares to your absolute putridness, I wish someone
Can take me from you
So that I may obtain my freedom, so that I can avoid
Ending up in your arms and feeling your kiss
To watch you disappear from my life
Is my single most wished desire
Please go away and never approach me again
For I have no need at all
For passion is always welcomed in my life
Except your love

This poem... should teach you to read between the lines :)