There are things you can not hide
Even with a pretty smile

There are things you do not tell,
But I know that you know well

There are things inside you mind,
I can search but never find

There is something about your eyes,
Telling me, you have been through lies

There is something with your smile,
Telling me you've been sad a for a while

What's this feelings you don't show?
Can I find out, tell me how

There are tears you don't let out,
It makes your heart just scream and shout

If you just could let it go,
I would help you, somehow

There are secrets I can't read,
Not in your eyes, nor in your breath

Is there something I can change?
Is it money, or a whole other range?

You don't give me any clues,
Is it only some broken rules?

I do, wonder, what it is,
That is why, I'm writing this.

There is Things you do not show,
There is much I do not know,

There is much I can't understand,
You don't need to give me one hand

But something hurts you so,
Things, I will never know