Love’s Own Light

I cloaked myself in waves of cold

That no one could unfold.

I wore an armour made of ice

That would no flame entice.

When you reached in, I shrank away

Then came back proud and tall

I thought only to make my way

I made it with my all.

What friends I had were all surprised

To see my artifice.

Shocked and stunned, but all the same

They did smile when I came.

Queries only pushed me

All the more, to falsify

No one saw the inside me

That I would testify.

Then regret cameâ€"I dropped my stance

My life became undone.

I saw traps my own hand wrought

And what fate it had caughtâ€"

For someone had come smiling bright

And more fool I, to open wide

And be blinded by her light

And lose my will to fight.

I tried my best to drop the veil

To let that girl prevailâ€"

She who had with delight came

With nature wild and all untamed;

Her face I simply can’t forget

Black eyes with night-dark hair.

It was I, and not I yet

Made of earth, sea, flame and air.

My feelings best I tried to show

To friend, to soul, to foe.

I put messages into my eyes

And made to drop my guise.

Butâ€"sigh, sad fate that befell me

No one would my new face see

They would not believe it was me

The girl who welcomed like the lea.

Eros, Cupid, Aphrodite

All those who shine with Love’s own light

How did your arrows find my heart

And make my self-worth all depart?

Now for the one I did detest

My heart will be put to the test

For Love with hands of gentle skill

Has my eyes with her romance filled.