0 A.R. (After Resurrection), 52nd day of spring:

My memory seems so strange, as if it were not my own. But I guess that's what happens when you've lived for two thousand years. Now that I am...normal...again, a living, breathing being, it seems like the past was all but a dream that never really happened.

I will try my best to put it all behind me and realize and rejoice that I am once again mortal. The burden of the people will fall on another's shoulders, thankfully not mine. Maybe someday that great person will make us all one race again, as it was in the beginning, but that day will probably never be in my lifetime. And yet, my life has been filled with such drastic changes and I have endured through so much of it. Imprisonment, immortality, godhood, death, resurrection, and most of all, sadness and pain.

At one time, when I was real, when I was like everyone else, I had a family. It was different than most, though, much because of my mother not having a soulmate. My twin sister and I were mistakes, the product of a male passerby's ill-made decision. He and my mother had not even loved each other, but still had slept together that fateful night.

As the Head Priestess of the worshippers of Mother Goddess, my mother was punished for her unholy sin by being degraded to the position of a priestess of the Council of Seven. The only reason they hadn't banished her for good was that, as being Head Priestess at one point, she was the guardian of the Orb of Light, which was the only way possible to speak to the Goddess in any way. It could not be taken from her by anybody either because of its magical binding to her lifeforce. So when the replacement Head Priest was chosen, he did not have the ability to communicate with the Goddess because only my mother possessed that power currently, hence making his position almost worthless. Still, the power that came with it was much too hard to resist. He took it and my mother was forever shamed.

Even years after it had all happened, the moment my sister could comprehend the story of it all she opposed and defied those who were in positions of great power. In a way she was obsessed, transfixed with the idea of someday reclaiming the throne as her own in the family's name. Her very instincts seemed to clash against each other though, one despising those who are powerful, one wanting to actually become one. Perhaps that's why she seemed so...unstable...her personality always seeming to shift about. She was unpredictable. Too unpredictable, maybe. But I loved her, as a sister. Still, I will never understand why she did what she did nor how everything ended up this way.

-Excerpt from Melianna's Journal