Hiding Beneath A Smile

I smile for a reason,
For there is something I must hide:
This hatred that hides beneath me,
It has buried it self deep inside.
Its power is unknown, But it is strong I can tell.
Furies emanate from within me, A burning deep from hell.
It courses through my veins,
Sends a shiver up my spine.
Thoughts of the purest evil, in my head they do shine.
Oh I how I wish I could turn around and go to bed,
But these feelings, I can't shake them, unable to shed.
Comfort makes it worse,
There is nothing I can do, Oh this Hatred!
Tell Me Who Knew?
This scared little child is no longer playing a game.
Those who hurt it, you are to blame!
You can run, but nothing can hide,
Only your time you'll be able to bide.
It has been let loose,
A cannon let off,
No longer at me can you scoff.
The fruits of my evil are ripe and now ready,
Open up, prepare yourself, go ahead grab for Teddy.
Feel the slimy, rottenness of it all as it gushes down your throat.
Feel the chill? See how cold it is? You'll never reach your coat.
People around they all can be heard,
Laughing about you, Try to look at them, they are all Blurred.
Don't you wish now you could see those who mock you, those who speak most horridly about you?
Sing a song, do a little diddy,
No matter how hard you search,
You shall never find pity.
The racing of hearts echos in your ears.
Oh how it hurts,
Oh look it brings you to tears.
Once again look about you,
Tell me what you see.
Nothingness that is all, which was how you felt towards me.
You cannot lie, the truth is out,
No one will believe you no matter how hard you scream or shout!
You never knew what power I held,
You did not know that with Hate I could meld.
But now that you have seen,
What I hold deep inside of me,
Tell me, Oh tell me pray tell,
That you will write my words and chime them at every morning bell.
Do not think I am done with you,
For hate has a radar that you never knew.
It does not stop at the physical world,
but into your dreams it can be hurled
So next time you decide to pick on the meek and scared,
Just remember what can lie beneath as if a sleeping bear.
And as for me, you might want to look out,
For in your dreams no one can hear you shout.
Next time you see me,
And this smile rings a bell, remember...

Beneath this smile
There comes Hell.

By: Ty Koch