Begging Transcendence
By Jaclyn
(musicnotej ; tinted_daylight)

Begging Transcendence

I asked you to transcend the planes of reality for me.
I asked you to knead the earth in some colossal mixing bowl,
to swirl the white-powdered continents with sun-scorched islands,
and have the marshes quench the deserts.

I asked you to move past space and bring me back
a speck of something incomprehensible, something from the beyond.
I was hoping for something to take my mind off of...
(I'd rather not say it.)

I asked you to disregard time and to sweeten the sorrow in my life.
I didn't wish for my scars to fade; I wished for them to never be...
Is that so selfish?
(I see your confusion. I'll explain, although it pains me.)

All I wanted of you was love.
But you refuse to yield it,
and so I asked you for everything
in return.

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