IT'S There wasa no light where I came from, just darkness. There were no schools, houses, towns for that matter, just darkness. I had never seen my face, or my body, or anything, I was alone, not knowing which way was North or South, just knowing, that I may be the last. They said, so I was told in my dreams, that we were the only ones alive; we, am I going crazy? I seen things I have never seen before, I was scared. I stayed awake as long as I coud, but it always happened, I hit myself, and punished myself for having such dreams. I am starting to go to the end of where I can go. I know it'll be the same, but I have to know. Some time later, after going a long way, I looked around, nothing, I am still alone. I kept on walking til' I fell asleep,"'Hello Abe how are you?' a young woman would ask a young man,'O.K., except for this thing.' and he turned around, and there were rags, and boxes piled up, and there was a dog on the top. It was blood streaked, and by its foot, there was a,... a hand!,! and by the hand there was a baby, and it looked up at the dog, and one of the baby's eyes were missing, and its lip was torn, and one of its ears was just hanging on by a thread..." I woke up, and I was being pulled on my way, not knowing what the strange force was, I just kept going. I started to hear voices, "Pu***! Pus***! Push***!" So I started to push, I pushed with all my strength, then the air got thicker, and I seen light, and kept on going, I was almost there, then my head got into the light, and I heard,"I see it's head, keep pushing!" I was half way out when I heard," It's a boy." And I thought, that is strange to say, and I fell out into his strong hands, and was lifted up, and they took something shiney, and started to cut me, I started to scream. They put me in a blanket, and gave me to a woman, she looked at me, and I started to stop crying, for some reason, and she said," Your a lovey little boy, from heaven, I'll name you Abe Thomas Greate." I knew this was a better place, but it was different than what I expected, it isn't always light, and you don't always go where you want to go, and you can never get decant food around here, and where's my cursed... THE END