My Philosophy on Fairies
A/N: This was written to define my definition of "Fairies" as shown in my fic, "The Fairies". So if the
skeptic "jennifer" reads this, she'll know my thoughts on the subject.

Fairies have existed ever since the first kind thought was thought, and the first kind word was
spoken. They are a peaceful society, who will accept anyone with a kind heart into their circle.

As I have mentioned in "The Fairies", they wear colorful togas, have glittery skin, and otherwise
pretty much look like us humans. The extent of their magic includes: turning compatible people into
fairies, talking with plants and animals, floating (not exactly flying), and telepathy.

Their telepathy is their strongest point, because they can see into other people's hearts. So,
therefore, when they asked Anjela Davis and Chad Owens to join them, they already knew that they would
like being Fairies and didn't feel a part of the human world. Fairies can tell if humans would make good
Fairies. They can know everything about a person.

I'll probably write other stories using this format of Fairies, and when I do, I'll be sure to
reference this so people will know exactly what I'm talking about. Sorry it isn't very long, but it's easier
than including it in every Fairy thing I write.