Island of the Vampires(prologue)


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She twisted and she turned from the pain, sadness, guilt, and other

things that induldged her to wake up in a puddle of sweat -three in the


Her eyes opened wide from the sudden convulsion of the terror she

had grown accustomed to. And yet, she always found herself in her room -in

the bed where horrific dreams found her. In the very bed in which she now

lay on. Sweat trickled down her forhead. On the brink of madness, she

sighed and pulled the blanket that covered her legs. Nonetheless, sleep was

now far away.

Still in her gray pajamas that touched the floor, and the white Nike

tank top, she rose from the bed and retrived her black leather jacket that

hung peacefully on the door knob of her wooden door. Finding her slippers

underneath her bed, she went outside.

Letting the cold early morning breeze waft against her face, she

paused to carefully look at her backyard. The ocean was miles away and

beyond the sounds of the early birds who drove down the highway not far from

her location -she tought she could hear the crashing waves of the powerful

sea. She thought for a moment until she made up her mind to go up the roof

of her house. Walking over to the left of her house, where a couple of

bricks lay stacked, forming a quaint little staircase. Once she got up, she

realized she wasn't alone.

"What are you doing here?" she called out to the lone black cladded

figure that stood hovering over the front yard "I bet my neighbors are

wondering why there is a man standing on my roof."

The man chuckled. He was no stranger. As a matter of fact the

neighbors knew about him and also knew the ties he drew with the girl that

stood by his side.

"I'm watching the grass on your yard grow" he joked liting a

cigarette "you've got to cut it sometime"

The girl scoffed "Oh c'mon, Evian. Even I have more common sense

than that"

Evian, the man with the dark brown hair and hazel yellow eyes paused

for a moment and inhaled smoke into his dead lungs. His skin was fair and no

one could have noticed he wasn't anywhere near human. Even her.

"I see you fed" she continued walking towards him "where?"

"I think it's none of your bussiness" he snapped "where I fed or who"

The girl shook her head and sighed "I didn't ask who, Evian. I asked


He was silent and didn't bother to reply. Instead, he continued on

puffing cigarette smokes in the air and blowing them away. It didn't bother

him. He liked the silence and he liked ignoring the girl that stood by him.

He shifted his gaze to the girl.

Black hair that blew against her face. Rosey lips from the cold and

her inherited fair light brown skin. Evidently, this girl would have made a

great and beautiful fledgling. But, NO.

Evian shooked his. No.

He scoffed "I got a friend coming in tomorrow night" he answered

tearing his eyes away from her.

"Yea, and so" she shrugged "you've got friends coming in and out your

point being?"

"But this ones diffrent" he added again.

He should have never brought up the subject. He should have never

said anything.

The girl looked at him and Evian made no eye contact.

"What's so diffrent about this one?"

"he's an old friend of mine"

"how old"

"for crikes sake, how am I suppose to know. all of my friends are old"

She scuffed her slippers on the roof and looked away.

"I'll be leaving with him when he leaves" he continued her the girl


"Oh" she gave, trying to hide what ever feeling she was enduring at

the moment "ok"

Evian sighed dramatically "But I don't want to go"

The girl shook her head from thoughts that plagued her "then don't"

she answered with a bit of cruelty in her voice "no one's stopping you" she

paused "i mean i cant stop you"

"you've got one this right" he questioned turning to her "no one is

stopping -that is no one but .."

She didn't answer.

He continued "then again she could stay and spend the rest of her life

without me. She could be ..." he trailed of inhaling, he couldnt find words.

"Be what?"

He shook his head "forget it, I was thinking of consequences"

"Be what?" she answered again.

"I said forget it" he replied with force, it was getting annoying -she

didnt want to drop the subject.

"Be what" she demanded "like your victims who fall merciless at

your feet? like the girls who's bodies end up floating out at sea with two

punctured marks in their necks?! Do you want be to be one of those?! Are those

the consequences your thinking about?!" she asked "Because I can."

He looked at her deeply into her eyes "You know I didn't mean it that

way" he said gravely.

"Then what" she continued "because if I have no clue then it's best

if you clue me in evian"

"You can stand there" he answered "you can stand there like your the

only one in this world. Like your alone and hurt" he looked at her "come with don't -" he was getting ahead of himself. To much hopes were in him.

He stopped and again didnt finish.

"don't what?"

he sighed "forget it if don't come back for a month or two, then I'm

really not planning on returning" his retreating footsteps were heard as he

stepped on a bunch of twigs from fallen branches.


The wind blew a bit harder and the night just got a little bit more

colder. Nevertheless, everything just got a little bit colder and living just

seemed so lonely.

Ahmarie, this girl. This girl -a child of deception. This girl with

the color of raven feathers in her hair, and eyes much similair to a feline.

This shadow of the age to sixteen. This shadow that creeps down the streets

of this lone forgotten island.

The island sat in the middle of absolute nothingness. How unusual to

find that people know about this place. The island where the tourist flock every

summer and leave every autumn. Where the streets and long alleys seemed so

perfectly clean at day and yet at night be seemed to be covered in bloodshed.

Often Ahmarie stared at these horrible stains, stared long enough until the

pictured stayed glued to the back of her head. She would shake her head many

times and still have it torture her. At times, she would know who had done

the terrible acts. Pardons were given and sometimes it wasn't enough.

But the roads of Tumon went everywhere. To towns, to the harbor, and

including the heart of the island. However, this was Clair de lune. The

island of death and horrors. Anyone with the courage to live here was brave.

Let alone a fool to withstand Clair de lune's haunted jungles, minature

forests, and of course it's houses.

Houses that grew vines that reached the sky, totally eliminating

sunlight from within. Houses that lived way before 1700's. With their dark

coat of paint that sent a chill down Ahmaire's spine, these houses held a

long history on families. Ancient lines that still lingured among the small

community of Clair de Lune. And with these dwellings that could be heard

uttering and groaning about through the long nights stood the only house on

the outskirts of Tumon, Oculto Soleil.

The home that once held a Spanish woman that went by the name of

Maribell Oculto. Maribell was the daughter of a wealthy man, who wanted his

daughter to wed the governor's son of Clair de Lune. But Maribell had fallen

in love with a french explorer, Evian Soleil. Soon afterwards the couple had

been founded by the the govenor. Willing to give up her life for her love,

Maribell and Evian fled to the Clair de Lune point and jumped. Onlookers had

said that Evian's body made it to the surface, but Maribell's did not. In

later years, the point was renamed Two Lovers point in their memory.

But Maribell's home which too had it's name changed was now in

custody of Maribell's only living desecendant, Ahmarie Oculto.


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