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Part five

The red moon that hung above them told a story. An ancient story. A story so old that
everyone who lived through the revelation knew of it. As a matter of fact, the story of the red
moon took place during the revalation years. An ambitious vampire who went by the name of Damyen
(pronounced: DAM-YEN) began preaching that it was possible for vampires to rule the world. But,
in order to do so, he said that it was nescessary to execute humans and feast on their blood.
Other vampires soon caught on and became followers. Damyen urged on to the slaughtering. Every
night as dusk had settled in, men, women, and children were killed. Killed in the streets, in
their homes, in their beds, and even in their sleep. Soon Damyen became the most porwerful
creature and was heard throughout the world.

As news traveled on quickly of Damyen and his plans, others began to rebel and stand
against him. They were mostly humans and didn't scare Damyen, except .. except the gypsies. As
far back as the world began and evil sprung out of Pandora's box, the gypsies were the fighters,
the protectors, the slayers. (a/n: sorry ruthy, for putting slayers in here! but, thats what
they are called! ^_^') They were justified and trained into killing the living dead. Every eldest
of a gypsy family was destined to be a slayer. Every eldest was ranked by the number of each
gypsy family held. If a gypsy family was the fith family in the group, their eldest would be
the fifth slayer, if by some chance the first to fourth dies or somehow isn't able to manage the

Anyways, at that time Rasta, a twenty one year old woman was the slayer. Rasta was the
strongest of them all. The third slayer in line, Rasta was the strongest out of history. She was
quick, she was intelligent, she was fierce, and she was in pain. Turns out, Rasta's fiancee had
gotten himself killed in a full, waged out street war against a group of vampires. In the end he
lay dying and Rasta couldn't do anything to help him. It wasn't her gift.
But as he gave his last plea, Rasta vowed to take down damyen and kill him. Even if it
ment eternity to track him down, even if it took years. She vowed that her fiancee's last effort
into fighting her fight, her battle, her crusade was not in vain. She would kill Damyen. She
vowed it.

And it began. Fight after fight until, the night before the ceremony. Sixty-six pure
men, woman, and children were sacrificed and their blood was taken in a cauldren and placed
before the altar that would start the cermony which was said to curse and kill the sun. Rasta
and nine other slayers after her had formed a plan to stop the ceremony from ever happening.
That night changed their lives. Forever.

As the nine other slayers were fighting off vampires below, Rasta had damyen in the palm
of her hands. They fought like wildcats defending territory. Feriocious beasts that stood in the
way of nothing, but it seemed like that. Everything did. In the end, everyone died. The nine
slayers. And Rasta and Damyen, who plunged their dying bodies into the vat of pure blood. The
pure blood in which had held the curse for the sun. And as that night ended, the moon shifted
it's color. The color in which now signified as death.

But like Pandora's box, hope had sprung from it. Days later, the the family of Rasta had
discovered a secret. A secret no one knew. A secret she tried to hide. Rasta had a child. A child
whom which her fiancee's family took away from her. A child in which his family took as their
own in their home far away. Her name was Maribell Oculto.

"The moon" Jefferson insisted "The god damn moon is red!"

She could have just ignored it's presence as it hovered beyond the sight of the window.
But she couldn't. It was there. And it caught her eyes before anyone had noticed. Why her. Why
she to notice.

Artemis sighed "Jefferson, calm down. It doesn't mean anything" he paused "Ok, it does
but I'm not at the point of being told what it is"

Just then the click of the front door was heard and Evian was seen walking into the living
room. (a/n: this is kinda weird to be calling it a living room when mostly it's inhabitants aren't
of the living ..) Jefferson glared.

"Do you see?!" she answered, Evian rolled his eyes.

"Yes, I can see. Perfectly well as I might add" he was joking, Ahmarie knew that. But she
also knew, at times when he would joke were times when trouble was around the corner. She didn't
think hard about the red moon outside. She had learned the story about it. So well. So truely.
But at that point, couldn't well grasp it as much as she had used to back then. Back then when
she was at home to photographs that seemed like a memory.

Memory. Memory was the voice she had heard in her head. A memory of someone.

Evian frowned as he saw Ahmarie. He knew she was trying to puzzle something. She had her
thinking face on without even knowing she had them out.

"Ahmarie" he called, instantly snapping her away from the gaze she choose to stare at the
red carpeting and think "tired?" he answered. She gave a meek smile and nodded. She wasn't fooling
him. He had to be careful "I'll show you to your room. It's late and you need to sleep"

She agreed with him, but still couldn't lay a finger on what he was hiding or the reason
behind his unusual shift of mood "Ok"

"Grandmama" came her voice "we need to act quick" she had set Meko away from his range of
hearing, the woman looked at her with her shiny charcoal eyes "he's gaurding her, grandmama"

The old woman shushed her granddaughter "all is time" she answered "just watch the flames
Brianna. They have the answers for you. They are your gift" She motioned the teen to look at the
raving bonfire "your just like your mother before she died .. she was always ready to go and
fight. No one could keep her down"

"Except for papa, right grandmama?" Brianna smiled

She nodded in agreement "Only your papa could. He was the only one who could tame your
mother" she laughed "You are like your mother. You are your mother"

The flames cackled, twisted, and turned. She watched.

"I don't have to kill him" she answered suddenly, the flames died down and she turned to
the woman besides her "Grandmama, I need Tobias's help"

"Stefan, watch her window" came his command "if that gypsy comes tonight kill her"

Stefan nodded and blended within the outside walls of Ahmarie's room. They night was cool
and the cool breeze wafted in his face. A familiar presence reeked in the wind. He knew who he
was "And what do I do to grace your welcome, Tobias?"

"Nothing much" came the black-blue haired male's voice his eyes flared red but then returned
to his calm baby blue eyes "Only to ask you if you know what your doing .. You know the gypsy's are
up to you .."

Evian growled, he didn't want to be reminded "I know. State the reason you are here, your
highness. I have more troubles than to deal with royal blood"

Tobias chuckled "Everybody knows what your doing and their laughing at you" he smirked "Give
it up, Evian. She will remember just like-"

"I think you just over welcomed your stay, Tobias. You can go now" he answered darkly walking
back inside his home.

Tobias again chuckled, his eyes glinting in the red moonlight. His dark red shadow stretched
across the wall and as he began walking, his shadow shifted. "MEOW"


She lay on her back in the soft bed. She was suppose to sleep, but she couldn't

"Ahmarie ..."

She got up instantly and ran a hand through her hair. So much to be sleeping "who's
there?" she questioned

"Sshhhhh ... be silent. There is something you should know ..." it paused "someone is
watching you from outside"

Her eyes looked everywhere, but no one was with her "Who are you? -where are you?"

A pair of eyes appeared before her and sat on her desk. "Hello .."


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