Sweet Misery

BY: Cleo

Sweet misery is what you are.

Your tearing me up inside,

And you don't even know it.

Hell, you don't even know I care,

But then I don't want you to,

But then I do.

Why do you have to be so funny?

Why do you have to be so cute?

Why do you have to be you?

But, its odd, that's how I like it,

That's how I want you,

That's why I love you…

I want you to know my feelings,

But then I don't.

That would be so embarrassing to me.

I didn't want to love you,

But I couldn't help it,

It just happened…

I watch you all the time,

In reality,

In dreams…

See, you're tearing me up…piece by small piece.

You don't know your killing me slowly,

And it isn't your fault, its all mine

I'm in love with you,

My first crush,

The last I fear.

I have to be around you,

Think about you,


You're what keeps me here,

I think of you when I'm hurting inside,

You're what keeps me here, even though you're what is killing me…

Your sweet bitter misery,

I love you,

But I don't see that love back…that's what is killing me…

You're sweet misery,

I love you,

With all my heart and soul, mind and body…

Please be mine...

Well, there is a crappy poem…but I was sad then, and I wrote about what was making me sad. I repeat in some areas, but the more I say it and type it, the better I feel. If anyone wants to help me with my poems, review about it, or e-mail me at elflover_06 .

Ja'ne! CLEO!