It's A Secret

Author's Note: OK, I have no idea where this came from, really. I was just sitting in class, and I wanted to write more of MJ (another SI story I am working on), but since I couldn't get to a compy, I settled for making some shit up. This is what my morbid little mind created. Enjoy. Review.

I added some more to this, after a LONG time of just having part of the conversation between Maria and Kim up…

Kimberly shut her eyes. This can't be happening… this can't be real.

"What. Is. That?" Maria slowly repeated.

"What are you talking about?" Kimberly asked quietly, refusing to look Maria in her eyes.

"You know damned well what I'm talking about, Kimberly. Now answer me." Maria whispered angrily.

"Why are you asking, Maria, if you already know the answer?" Kim muttered, trying to avoid answering.

Maria just looked at her in disgust. "That's pathetic, Kim. I can't believe you'd actually resort to- to… that for attention!"

She crossed the line with that comment. "How dare you!" Kimberly hissed angrily. "I am not doing this for attention- if I wanted attention, I would dye my hair blue- or become anorexic."

That touched a nerve. Maria was just recovering from her anorexia, and she had yet to convince anyone other than Kim that she didn't do it for the attention that she was getting because of it. Now, the fact that even Kim was convinced was questionable. "You know damned well that I didn't do that for attention!" she screamed loudly.

Kimberly just looked at her. "And you should know damned well that I don't cut for the attention."

Maria started to walk away, but Kimberly grabbed her arm. "And don't you dare tell anyone about this, Maria- it's a secret."

Maria wretched her arm away. "How dare you talk to me about secrets!" she screeched. You swore to me that you would never tell anyone when you found out about my anorexia! And a week later, you go and tell the school guidance counselor!"

That- lying, manipulative little bitch! "I never said that, Maria!" Kim shouted angrily, ignoring the looks of students passing by them in the cafeteria. "I said that I would not tell if you stopped by yourself!"

"I was trying!"

"You lying little bitch! I'm your best friend; I was trying to help you! You could've fooled everyone else with your little 'I'll eat later' or 'I'm not hungry' but I knew damned well that you wouldn't eat later, and you never did!"

Maria slapped her. Kimberly didn't do anything to retaliate, but she glared at Maria as the principal walked up.

"What's going on girls?" he asked them, clearly concerned.

Kimberly looked at Maria for a moment before answering. "Nothing, Mr. Hudson. Just a little disagreement."

"Oh…" he said, obviously not believing her. But since no one had seen Maria hit Kim, they had only heard it, there was nothing he could do. "Well then, hurry along to class, or you'll be late."

Right before Kim opened the door to their class, she turned to Maria and said, "Don't forget what I said. Don't you dare tell anyone, Maria… I know a lot of shit about you and I won't hesitate to tell everyone everything if I even suspect that you have even mentioned it to anyone."

Author's Note: Yeah, I know. It sucks. I really suck at short stories… oh well. Hopefully it's not as bad now that I've added some more… I might add more (and make it into a whole story), but probably not. Review, please.

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