~*Wishful Thinking*~

It often seems quite futile,
To wish upon a star;
One wonders if it's quite worthwhile
To set one's sights so far.

Some long for wealth and riches,
Others for fame, and glory;
Some for the pow'r that so bewitches
Still more for a fairy-tale story.

With this last group, I cast my lot,
For this is what haunts my dreams;
A chance to love, be loved, and not
Have all ripped at the seams.

I sometimes fear, I'll be alone
A maid 'til my days do end;
A cob-web hanging over the phone,
Ten cats and nary a friend.

Perhaps I'd be grumpy and fearsome to all
Yelling at the postman 'cos he's five minutes late
Cackling evilly when someone has a fall,
Telling young lovers that heartbreak's their fate.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'll still be just me,
Older, wiser, but still quite a dreamer;
Never losing hope there's a chance that HE'll be
Just down the street before I meet my Redeemer.

So maybe it's silly to wish on a star
To hope for a gift, for a smile from above;
But I say to these cynics, whoever they are,
That one day, indeed, I will find my true love.