Walking along the bustling corridor, Written on: 20/6/00

He pretends he doesn't notice.

He pretends he can't see the glances

When he walks past.

And pretends he doesn't care

About the snickers or whispers

Passed back-and-forth.

He's not left out of the warmth of friendships

Because of his looks.

He doesn't have shabby clothes,

His parents aren't poor.

It's not because he's ugly,

In fact he's quite good-looking!

But, he's deaf, alone in his world.

Unable to hear.

From birth, he's been deaf,

All through his life, he's experienced

That embarrassing moment.

The moment when his mother tells the teacher

Why he's not answering,

Then the moment

When the teacher apologizes.

At each new school, people start off

Being polite, too polite.

But after a few weeks, the novelty wears off,

And the ignoring begins.

He supposes it's easy to forget him.

Because he can't speak up.

But it still hurts him, it hurts him badly.

He's like a baby, unable to defend itself.

Soon the complete isolation finishes,

And the mocking begins.

The kids pretending they're signing,

Putting hands behind ears,

As if saying "speak up!"

It's always the same thing, the notes passed back to him

With obscene words written on them.

If only he could hear for just one day,

To be released from his prison of silence.

To hear the sound of rock music,

The passionate laugh of a girl!

It would feel so good if he wasn't an outcast.

If only…