As night falls on the earth, the children of God feel the icy touch of Death as he slowly winds his way through the town. Each holds his or her favorite toy or blanket to keep him at bay. Each child hears the screams of the dead as they follow their dark master. All night they hear the sounds of children crying, of mothers screaming and fathers begging for their son's or daughter's lives. When the dawn finally comes, after this night of death, the children creep out of their homes to find many of their friends, relatives, neighbors and enemies dead where they had stood the night before. As they hear the voice of Death call out to them, "You are next, child," they cry out with fear and pain as the icy touch of Death fills their heart with cold and dread. Their parents, those that remain out of His skeletal grasp, gather up their children and take them inside, to remain until the next dawn, when they go out to see who Death has taken this night.
As the sun descends behind the hill, they can hear Death laughing, for they know that He will take more than He had the night before. As darkness falls, they hear dogs howling and cats hissing. Suddenly, the cold that they felt the night before returns and runs its fingers up their spine. As Death slowly rises from his sleep, a scream of terror escapes the lips of one child, for He has risen from his own bed. He looks at Death with fear and terror in his eyes, until He reaches out and snuffs the little boy's light, so that he may never again see the beauty of dawn. The little boy's father hears the scream and runs into the room to find his only child dead, and Death standing laughing at him.
"You may take my life, but my soul belongs to God!" the man shouts at the black robed man before him.
With a voice as cold as a winter's night, Death replies, "How do you know that I am not He whom you have spoken of? Who is the one to judge when a life is over? I take my orders from the One Above. Your soul is mine." As He says this, Death reaches out with His hand and grasps the man's light, pulling it from his body. The man watches in horror as Death blows the light out, then falls to the ground dead. As He travels from house to house, Death thinks of what the man had said, but pays no more attention to it as dawn rises over the lake. He slips out of the light and sinks below the ground to rest for the day. As the children step out of their houses, they see that almost all the children are dead, as were many of the adults. Each child runs to find his or her parent, but they can not find them. When noon comes, they realize that the only adults left are the ancient ones that live together at the end of town. There the children run to find solace, until the night falls again, and one by one, each life is snuffed out.