I fill up with a hatred of some kind

When I see the other girls with

The perfect figures, hair, and skin

The feeling overtakes me until I forget who I truly am

I am blind to myself

I cannot see me for me

I am deaf to my soul

Which is filled with love for others

My body is senseless

I feel fat and ugly

When I look in the mirror, I want

The perfect figure, hair, and skin

But I only see myself

Blind to my inner beauty

Clouded by the yearning for perfection


My friends tell me I am perfect the way I am

But my clouded mind tells me otherwise

When will my heart open up to the truth?

That I am beautiful, if not on the outside

But on the inside

*AHHH! Too bad that this is exactly the way I feel. I just meant to write about that particular subject, but it turned into my thoughts and feelings about myself. Hmm…how strange. Well anyway, for all the people out there who feel this way also, I hope you can discover your inner beauty.*