Author's Note: I wrote this for a friend a long time ago, but never quite had the courage to pass it on. I didn't work on any solid rhyme scheme, so bear with me.

"Stepping Stone"

High on a mountain

You don't see the truth

Deep sea diving in shallow pools

Spinning webs out of nothing

Begging me to carry you

A well-worn step to victory

While my weight drags me down

Not bitter, just forgotten

I see a shadow of myself in you

Spin faster but threads fall away

Flinging sanity to the winds

Meaning hidden in the broken strands

Losing your self to become wise

Words can't reach across this divide

Collecting the pieces makes us whole

Falling lets us learn to soar

Scars teach us what it means to heal

I see a shadow of my past in you

Hear something greater than echoes

Grasp something more solid than dreams

Dig your way out of the pit

You buried yourself in long ago

I will be standing still

At the edge

Waiting for you here

Hand outstretched