Right here and now,
I just want to tell you,
That you've been on my mind.
I miss your smile,
And the way you Soul shines in on mine when my eyes meet yours,
I'm sorry,
Sorry that I ever met Jerry,
Sorry that I ever said "Hello."
Sorry that it ended like it did.
And now I want to apologize,
And admit,
That I do feel your pain,
I do feel your agony,
I do feel you defeat.
I want to take this,
Into full-hearted apology,
With your hand in mine,
And I want to tell you,
How big of a part of my life you are.
I want to tell you,
How much I care for you,
How much I miss you when you're away,
How much I will miss you when you're away.
You've changed my mind, my heart, and my life,
But I won't change.
I am me,
You are you,
I will be me,
And chose my path,
Whether wrong or right.