{A poem by Crystal Knoll, Space Cadet First Class
aka Taryn "Jnco" Wander'r}
(This was written about a Finnish boy I met on a train from
Berlin to Malmo. *sigh* )


A red train pulls in admist pot smoke and spilt beer
Children cry while Kosovar refugees huddle
in corridors for sleep
Drunken Portuguese sing folk songs
in the cabin next to us
A soccer fan lost his head on a train like this
Only a week ago

Two glass bottles of Coke and
A book of comedy
A map filled with names I cannot read
A crumbling cake from a German store
A hooded sweatshirt and
A spider from the Swiss Alps
A boy,
Who can speak a language
I don't understand
From a country I've never been to
One night that may not have happened
On a nine-hour train to Malmo

I never cared about Finland
He didn't care about hockey
I could've died

A Finnish cell phone,
A torn blue t-shirt
Sleeping on the floor
An anime character
Shaggy brown hair,
Sad brown eyes
A sketchbook of fairies
A hooded sweatshirt and
One obscure city in Sweden
That I hadn't heard of

A hippie from Greece stowed away
In our cabin
So he sat with me
Crumbs of chocolate cake picked off
With foreign fingers

One night
One hug
One kiss
Promises of more?

Then he unfolds his map
Of names I cannot read
And a red train pulls in
Leaving for a country
I've never been to
That speaks a language
I don't understand.