First Poem I ever had the guts to write and post. A little insight on my life and the emotions I feel most of the time. To be intrpreted freely.

* * * * * * * * *

In solitude my soul has rested
Has stayed quiet
Countless times I have spent screaming
Trying to get out of an invisible barrier that holds me here
I am still here

This dark endless corridor
Known to me as Solitude
I have been there
I have seen and been through hell
In a place where I could not be reached by anyone
Where I have had to keep everything inside

Vivid pictures live in my mind
Making me remember from time to time
All that I hav been through
I am worthless
I am Nothing
I don't deserve all the riches I have now
I don't deserve to have friends

Yet I have them all
It is an injstice

Deep in thought
I continue walking
In solitde
Where I deserve to be
For eternity