Author's Notes - I am SO happy that I FINALLY got around to writing this! My fantasy-based Shounen Ai story ^_^ With, of course, my faaaaavourite little bishounen Kouseki ^.~ Please R&R, but most of all.. Enjoy!

Hijutsu no Gounomono
Chapter 1 - Introduction

In a world where many mysteries lie, where enemies would do anything for ech other, where lovers will die to be together for eternity... Is a world where the secret of a true warrior can be discovered in many a way.

Our story is set in a time so far away, and yet so long ago. The year is 567-AS(After Sentalus), a time created after the war of Sentalus. Although this war was some time ago, it shall not be forgotten...
The world is a planet known as Elnaria, in one of Elnaria's many large cities, Descavin. Descavin is known as "City of the Forgotten Warriors" for many people are taken to the city to be turned into slaves that fight for survival against other slaves, or sometimes beasts. It is a fairly low class place, filled with thieves and warriors who only go by the Black Code(Loyalty is Nothing, Wealth is Eveything). But sometimes even the purest of hearts can be found in the lowest and roughest of places, they just tend to hide or be hidden forcefully.
Within Descavin are many trades, many battles, and many fortunes. Yet fortunes are seeked, not so easily won, but what exactly is a fortune? Money? Property? To some as poor as the slaves, it is a blanket and a simple meal.
So many adventures have ended in disaster, but what is not all? And so begins one simple quest, that twists and changes to become so much more..
Brought on by the secret art of a warrior.