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Hijutsu no Gounomono

Chapter 2 - Strange Seduction

"Tum tee tum..." The small gentle sound of a figure hung in the air as a cloaked object walked slowely through the busy streets of Descavin. The morning sun gleamed down through the cold breeze as hundreds of people rushed past each other through the dirty roads and streets, stopping every now and then to greet people or to stop at the market stalls and argue with the stall keepers.

"Out of the way, kid!" A harsh deep voice called as a large bulky man shoved the shadowed figure sideways, causing them to crash into a fruit stall.

"My stall!" A thin, old and grumpy man called from behind the now totally broken wooden stall, a look of horror and anger apon his wrinkled face as various fruits rolled around on the ground. "You're going to pay for that, Missy!"

"Missy!?" The figure could barely stand up, being totally tangled in the cloak. "How dare you call me that!" Their voice sounded femenine, but also deep.

"I'll call you whatever I like for what you did to my stall!" The old man continued and reached out his arm. "I'll make sure to see your face to report you, woman!" And with that said, he managed to pull away the dark blue cloak with one swift movement to reveal the strange figure. "H- huh..!?"

"THAT was not very POLITE!" Now a young man stood before the stall keeper, an irritated look apon his face. Although very femenine, this figure was most certainly male. He wore dirty, torn peasant's rags, rather strange compared to the rich cloak. His hair was short and rather messy, in a style like that of royalty, it's beautiful blue/black texture shining gently. His eyes were red, so bright and mysterious, and almost the same colour as his painted lips that fit so well with is pale almost vampiric white skin.

"A.. Man!?" The old man stumbled backwards as the figure sighed.

"Yes, a man.." He sighed again, rather annoyed at the whole gender confusion. "And believe me, you won't want more proof.." His lips formed a slight grin.

"G-... GUARDS!" The only thing the old man could say, becoming rather fearful of the strange beauty before him.

"Wh-what!? But I didn't do anything!" The blue-haired man angrily protested as two guardly dressed figures grabbed his arms. Although he shouted, his voice still seemed quiet and gentle.

"So, little fairies just made this mess did they?" The taller of the guards smirked as the weak figure was angrily being dragged away from the broken stall.

"A slave is what your worth, so a slave is what you'll be!" The smaller of the guards continued, causing the peasant to growl. "People like you should know better than to make such a mess in this place!"

After much shouting and much arguing, the man was soon thrown into a cell at the nearest slave holder. All he would reveal was that his peasant Father died of disease, his Mother abondoned him and his name was Kouseki Garasu.

"Oi, slave!" A guard called from Kouseki's cell as he weakly looked over to the bars, mostly weak from the earlier struggling even though much time had passed for it was now nightfall.

"Whaaaat...?" Kouseki moaned miserably in response.

"We finally found a job fer ya, slave. We think it may be most appealing to ya." The cell door was opened as the two slaves from before entered and lifted the no-longer-struggling Kouseki by his arms.

"Oh, lucky me..." Kouseki sighed angrily, for him it seemed it just couldn't get any worse.

After much dragging, Kouseki was thrown into one of the warrior slave's cells, and yet the reason seemed unknown. Was he to become a warrior, maybe...?

"You are nothin' but a mere pleasure slave, now." The taller guard chuckled as both guards walked away, leaving Kouseki standing in the dark cell.

'Pleasure slave!?' Kouseki began to panic at the thought! One, all of the warrior slaves were MEN! Two, he hated being an average slave let alone this! And three, his virginity was something he would rather keep!

"Ow..." A small sound of pain came from the shadows and Kouseki quickly turned around.

"Who's there!?" Kouseki stepped back in fear. "This is just a big misunderstanding!"

"Stop whining..." The deep strong male voice muttered in response as Kouseki raised an eyebrow.

"Um... If you expect anything from me, I assure you that you shall not recieve it.." Kouseki nervously stepped foward, it was now clear that his voice seemed oddly upper class.

"I do not 'expect' anything unless you have the powers of a healer, so stop complaining.." The voice appeared to belong to a young man not much older than Kouseki who was barely 19. He sat apon some straw attending to a sword wound on his arm with a cloth, most likely from fighting.

"Are you.. Okay...?" Kouseki, regaining his courage, approached the man to see him in more detail.

Unlike Kouseki, this man had a slim yet very muscular body, with a revealed chest. He had long silky brown hair tied tightly in a ponytail with some kind of old bandage.

"I'm fine... Have a seat." The man glanced to a spot beside him before continuing to attend to his arm.

"Well, if you insist.." Kouseki's strange childish personality began to appear as he almost bounced over to the injured warrior. "Why did they... Want me to be a pleasure slave...?"

"Because it's what I asked for, and the stongest warriors get what they ask for.." The handsome and rather dark skinned man continued as Kouseki studied him with curiousity.

"But... You said you expected nothing of me..." Kouseki continued, being the ditz he is.

"I guess I just needed someone to talk to..." The man finished with his arm and raised his head to meet Kouseki's crimson eyes with beautiful violet orbs that sparkled wonderfully in the shadows.

"Hm..." Kouseki went silent as he gazed at the man's eyes, then his eyes fell slowely to the well built, slender chest.

"You fear the thought of being a pleasure slave, and yet you stare at me so... An odd man, you certainly are.." He smirked at Kouseki's curious gaze with a soft and proper accent but his smirk soon dissappeared and his eyes soon widened as he felt cold fingers gently stroke his chest.

"I've never seen a warrior before..." Kouseki leaned foward, which worried the long-haired mystery. "You're so well built... Have you been scarred many times...?"

"Well, uhm, yes..." The man quickly attempted to push Kouseki's hand away but he just started getting closer.

"We don't have many warriors where I come from... Ooo, smooth.." Kouseki leaned over the man as he stroked his chest, for what he was doing seemed perfectly fine to him. "What is your name...?"

"M-my name is Salvisto.." The man, known as Salvisto, tried to lean away but this just ended up with him falling backwards onto the messy pile of straw.

"Mmm, Salvisto..." Kouseki smirked seductively as he looked down at Salvisto and thought to himself 'If I seduce him, maybe I'll get all the information I'll need... Perfection, indeed.'

"Eh..." Salvisto glanced up with large confused eyes as Kouseki leaned closer.

"A pleasure slave is what you asked for, and a pleasure slave is what you have recieved..." Kouseki smirked slightly with light lips and slowely slide his hands down Salvisto's chest.

"H-hey! I only wanted your company, remember..!?" Salvisto attempted to get up but was soon pushed back down again.

"Well, then you made a big mistake.." Kouseki smirked with a slight evil air, but this soon turned to a look of confusion as Salvisto grabbed his wrists and thrust him foward, pushing himself up as he pushed Kouseki.

"I cannot help but think that you're up to something... But it won't work on me." Salvisto grinned slightly as Kouseki narrowed his eyes into a glare for he was now unable to move. "I've never been tricked yet, and I never planned to be, your highness."

"Now who said... Your highness?" Kouseki's eyes widened as he felt his cheeks warm into a blush. "Whatever are you talking about?"

"You can fool those stupid guards, but you can never fool a warrior of the kingdom. I know your eyes... They are that of your Father's eyes, strange and of an abnormal colour. And your skin is almost vampyric, with a natural air of beauty.." A small and playful grin formed on Salvisto's lips as poor Kouseki was suddenly lost for words, unsure of what he should do or say.

"That's... That's nonsense! My name is Kouseki Garasu, I have lived in Descavin for all of my life, as a peasant and nothing else!" Kouseki glared with slight anger as Salvisto's grin widened.

"More proof... A real peasant would not deny it, but admit to it even if it's wrong. For that way they could see what wealth they could make from the accusation!" Salvisto gently rested his arms around Kouseki in a loose hug, smiling proudly. "And I think your Father would love to know of your location. And seeing as I am to make my way to him, as one of his loyal soldiers, I think that you should come with me."

"Wh-what!? My Father! So you are a spy!" Kouseki raised his voice in anger, no longer caring of his revealed identity.

"No, just a loyal man to the King.. I was sent here to find you a couple of months ago, after your leave from Tekabin. Unfortunatly I was captured recently, and made to be a warrior slave because of my strength... Finding you here was just an extra added bonus of chance." Salvisto grinned even more as Kouseki pushed him away out of hatred.

"I will not go back, no matter how much you try to make me!" Kouseki quickly stood up, trying not to lose his balance on the uneven ground of straw.

"I'm afraid that you have no choice, your highness... I don't want to disapoint you, but I am your only way out of being a slave. I have an escape plan, you have nothing. So either you follow my lead and I help you escape willingly, or you stay in your little cell to rot and die a lonely and miserable life. But then again, it might not be so bad, you might get upgraded to being a pleasure slave..." Salvisto's words sent fear into Kouseki's heart straight away, causing him to give a simple death glare and a pout. "I knew that you would agree with time, Prince Halso".

"Hn.. If I must go, then you shall call me Kouseki, and nothing else" 'Halso', better known as Kouseki, leaned down so his face was a mere inch away from Salvisto's. "Do you understand?"

"Of course, 'Kouseki'.." Salvisto smiled teasingly. "Whatever his royal highness commands..."

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