I Come From…

I come from Many Cultures.

I come from Irish, English, Native American, and so much more.

I come from a Happy Childhood filled with Birthdays and Lemon-drops.

I come from Classic Novels, and a history in the Arts.

I come from Broken Dreams, Lost Friends, and Childhood Fantasies that never came true.

I come from the friends that I Love, and all of the magic they bring into my life.

I come from Annoying Sisters and Loving Parents who healed my scrapped knees and bee-stings.

I come from Bicycle Rides through the rivers, and Easter Egg Hunts through the woods.

I come from the Bumblebee-Bush, and all the Love I found at home.

I come from Three Grandparents who gave me cookies and pretzels and sweets.

I come from the Hearts and Souls of all who care for me.

This is where I come from.