Now this is good. *rubs hands together* Oh yeah. This is a poem that I wrote for an English assignment . . . and is probably the best poem out of my whole poetry notebook for that class. O_o;; I was going to post them, but then I changed my mind because some of them were quite, how shall I phrase this, stupid? Yes, that's the right word. Stupid. Anyway, please enjoy my "storms and showers" poem and make sure to review! ^.~
BTW: Princess Nightshade, I love you too! *huggles* Thanks so much for reviewing The One Thing, I was really worried that no one would like it because it's kinda weird.

It's late afternoon and the sky is shadowed in dark clouds.
People cringe as they step outside into the sharp, forbidding cold.
Yet, the air itself is crisp and fresh, indicating the late season.
Everything seems to be waiting for the sky to shed frozen tears.

The skies start to darken into a demanding, steel grey colour.
Fallen leaves scatter throughout an abandoned school yard.
The wind picks up rapidly, giving off a harsh chill.
Animals burrow down, feeling the sudden need to hide.

Glistening rocks of ice fall through the layers of cloud and
Stabbing winds blow lighter flakes of ice across the land.
The lone passerby pulls up its hood and scurries down the road.
Snow piles up into mounds of white and continues to blow.

The storm quiets down revealing delicate snow laced branches.
And the children grin widely at Jack Frost's icy handiwork
While a few stray petals of snow scatter in the white masterpiece.
The snow has settled into glistening layers of white silk.