Author's Note: Beware. Poems I come up in a bored stupor in math class aren't always my best. ;) Which is, by the way, not an insult to math ... I kind of enjoy it when I don't have anyone droning at me or problems like 2 + 4 - 20 to do.
I could let you read now .. but first I have to tell you ... guess WHAT? I scored two goals in my field hockey game today! The last two! [Out of three.] And our coaches promised us that if we could score three, they'd switch the offense and defense so we could have a little fun. I, She-Who-Almost-Never-Goes-Beyond-The-Half-Field-Line, was the next player up from goalie [the sweep for any field hockey freaks like me *grin*] .. and it was HILARIOUS! All my fellow inners and links were playing halfback .. so we never knew where to put the ball for a free hit or anything ... *laugh*. It was fun. I could taste victory before the end of the game [3-0 us, 'course.]
Alrighty ... I've bragged enough .. you can read .. =)

I gotta tell you I don't know

What went wrong my friend

One day I was a star

The next I met my end

It was like an explosion

It was like a dream

But I didn't wake up

But I didn't wake up

So take me outta this

Pull me through

I know you don't love me anymore

But I depend on you

You don't want to believe it but please do

It's amazing it still happens but

I know I care about you

So please return it

No matter what you think inside

I need your love back

I hate this continental divide

You hurt me

I hurt you

But we can rise above

And you can learn to love

So lift me out of this

Pull me through

I know you don't want to love no more

But I depend on you

I need your grace

Your smile

Your tender loving care

Don't deny me now dear heart

When I can't help but fall apart

I know I have been annoying

I know I have been wrong

Okay I'm insecure

And I need you to keep me strong

So if you criticised my thoughts

Just make them right again

That's all I ever wanted

That's all I ever needed

It's as if once

You accepted me

I'd run off -

"I'm free!"