Winter trees in the mist.

Growing in the summer of the Wild.

Within the House of Doors they lie, Never aging.

A peacefulness is instilled in the hearts of all

Who gaze upon their mossy trunks.

A gossamer film of Tranquility lies inside

Therior Forest

Summer trees in the light.

Dawning in the Moon's smiling face.

Night blossoms pierce the air with their

Pungent scents.

Glittering feyrie wings lace the night

With dreams of what's to come…

Autumn trees in the wind.

Falling ever downwards to the sapphire sea.

Golden thoughts of wisdom float gracefully

Across plains of silver.

Fluttering bronze flames swing to the sky below

As mystical things are brewing…

Spring trees in the rain.

Shining with opalescent teardrops from the sun.

Gnats and Gnomes come out from their hiding places

In the darkness of the center of the Earth.

A sheen of stillness comes over any who dare

To think evil thoughts in this land…

~§~Description of Therior Forest. The Legendary Keeper of 'The House of Doors'.

May be a story coming… I haven't thought that far yet…