~^-^ Tabby ^-^~

It is going to be one of those weeks. I can feel it deep down in my bones. It is definitely a day for a nice long nap. I don't get to take many of those very often. I am always trying to get one of my roommates out of trouble. They are so good at getting into it. I never have time to do anything else.

In fact, yesterday night, Dana came home drunk as a doorknob. She was so plastered that she passed out, right in front of me. Of all the nerve! There was no way I could lift her weight into the bedroom. She had to be at least a hundred pounds. The girl is pretty big. So, I shrieked at the top of my small voice and Cal came running in. He was dressed in those nasty cowboy boots that look so bad on him and a pair of tight jeans. He was not made to wear tight clothes, I can tell you that much. Well, he picked her right up and carried her into the bedroom. It was like she weighed nothing. He did that to me sometimes, too.

Now, this morning, she woke up with a splitting headache, obviously, and Cal has already gone to work. It's my turn to take care of her. It isn't like he can help being a logger. I have decided the best way to go about it is with a can of tuna. I jump up on the counter and use the can opener to get it open. I'm very smart, you know. I take it into the room using my teeth. Putting a few aspirin pills in it, I set the can on her bed. I don't know why she won't eat it. That tuna is delicious. Maybe she just can't get over the sight of me giving her a can of tuna. She pets me and tells me that she must be hallucinating.

"Tabby," she says, "I know I'm seeing things. You just gave me a can of tuna."

I chuckle lightly. It's a low rumbling sound that lasts for a few minutes. I don't know where it comes from sometimes. It just happens. When I'm content, I give this low chuckle deep in my chest, and that's all there is to it.

~^-^ Time freezes for a paragraph. ^-^~

I suppose I should tell you some about me. If you haven't used your keen detective skills to deduct that I'm a cat yet, I'll tell you. I'm a cat. My name is Tabitha Eileen Rosa Eudora the Sixth, but everyone calls me Tabby. I'm not your ordinary alley cat, either. I'm a special cat. I'm an alien. I'm sure it's not what you think, though. I'm only part alien. My grandmother, named Morticia (and for good reason), came to earth on a mission. She was to find another species of our kind that had lost intelligence. It was hard to believe that any species as wonderful as the Kits would lose intelligence, but she soon found it was true. The "cats" here on earth use the most primitive Kit language ever made. So, she found a semi intelligent cat and mated with him, but cats on earth don't seem to understand that we mate for life. He soon left her in the dust, pregnant with a litter. I haven't been able to find all my distant relatives, and I'm sure they are many with the style of my grandfather and father. My mother was Morticia's daughter, and she met another semi intelligent cat, mated, and had me. I was the only surviving one, and I must say that I'm quite beautiful. I'm lucky, too. I gathered the intelligence of my grandmother, and I can now speak fifty languages fluently, including English. I never try it out, though. It would terrify Dana and Cal.

~^-^ Time continues. ^-^~

Anyway, out of daydreaming and back to Dana. I finally have to shove the tuna into her face to get her to eat it, and eat it she does, when she realizes I won't back down. I think I deserve a break! So, it's time for a nice, long catnap.

Dana has fallen back to sleep quickly, and I can't figure out why. Maybe I put too many aspirin pills in my gourmet dish. I only dumped in about half the bottle. That had to be another reason she didn't want to eat it. I swear it was perfectly good tuna.