This is horrably unedited and icky, so ye7h. Be warned. and I believe it gets a bit confusing at parts. . . . . And beware a cameo of a certain bunny-like Final Fantasy VI
character. Yoo know, the one that lives at the bottem of a lake? And a snippit of a song of a certain popstar.

And erm, disclamer thingy. The lyrics to Britney Spears belongs to her and Aeris belongs to Squaresoft. And not me. Thank Goat.

Chapter 1: Slowed to a stop
I open my eyes, slowly.
Nothingness. I wince sharply.
"It is as I feared, then." I murmered. Concsiouse nothingnes. Death in all its glory. I sigh, angry. A vengeful spirit, if you must. I vow
silently that I will do _everything_ and _anything_ I can do to retunr to the world of the living.
"Anything, eh?" A voice in the darkness. I turn my head, or I assumed I did, for I couldn't see anything, not even myself. That soon changed,

as I could discren a figure waling towards my postion, through a haze of misty blackness.
It was a man, wrapped entirely in slightly transparant shrouds of a light, blue silky material, barefoot. His skin was of a lighter,
frostier-looking blue, speckled with crystaline, azure diamonds. Quite rare, that. Long, shimmery hair the color of the sky, hanging down
to his knees. Blue eyes and blue lips. Indeed, everything about the man was of varying shades of blue, even his frosty voice.
He stopped short a foot or two from me, his lips twisted in a near cruel-looking smile.
"And what if I were to tell you you could return to the land of the living you so desire?" He asked, leaning closer to glare into my eyes,
his hands clasped behind his back. I backed away slightly, giving him my infamoue glare.
"And how could you do something like that, and who are you?" It was more of a demand, then a question, though, and he leaned back on his
heels, laughing lightly.
"You'd do well not to demand things of a god, boy. and I Believe I've answered your questions sufficiently enough." He said cooly, running
long, slender fingers through his shimery hair.

I laughed softly, sneering slightly at him.

"A god? You hink yourself a god, then? Or are you just another pitiably wandering spirit who fancies himself so?" laugh again at him, unable
and unwilling to believe him. He scowled deeply at my.

"Watch your tongue, boy. Either way you wish it, I do know how to get you back to the natural realm."

I smirk, deciding to humor the ignorant little elf-boy. Elf-boy. . . . My eyes narrow to conferm this discovery. Yes, he has the ponited
ears of an Aluran, my illy vanqueshed people.
He laughs, again, as though he's read my thoughts and finds them funny.

"Yes, I have pointed ears. You Alurans, we made first, and closer to our likeness then anyother sentient creature." He said with a shrug
and flick of his head, fliping his hair over his shoulder. I smirked, again, and he crossed his arms across his lanky chest, frowning.

"Now, are you going to listen to my propostion seriously, or not?" He asked impatiently and I laughed.

"Why not?" I asked of the heavens, lifting my arms up and over my head, as I could see them, again, in an amused gesture. It never really
occured to me that I shold be in the least bit unnereved by this situation, as a normal peson might of. But I pride myself in being far
better then the ordinary, in all things. Except cooknig, but I digress, and it's only a little bad.

The man smiled abit, the wickedness of earlier creeping into his expression.

"Well, quite frankly, Tsure, dear, you are going to the real 'life' version of Hell. And I'm offering you a way out of it."

I leaned an arm against a 'wall' behind me, halfway expecting it not to be there, but it was, and I smirked, again.

"Then this isn't the afterlife?" I sneered, and he shook his head.

"This is a holding place, a purgatory, if you will," He answered, eyeing me critically. "The worst dreams will come to you." He added,
criptically. I 2uirked and eyebrow and laughed.

"And what is that supoed to mean?" I asked, smirking still. He frowned, glaring at me, his hands again clasped elegantly behind his back.

"Attempted genocide is highly frowned upon, boy," He answer, frowning at me. "And eternal nightmares its punishment.

Here, I arched my brow at him.

"Well, I didn't exactly succeed."

"It's the thought that counts." He said, flatly, glaring at me with those icy blue eyes of his. I laughed at this, quite skeptic, as I
always am. My thoughts at the moment weren't really confused, more a long to _not_ be there, anymore. I was irritating me, and I was itching
to make my previous statement factually false. I did not want to be talking to this wandering spirit who fancied himself godly in nature,
something I felt I would have been more qualified to feel. Rightly so, too, given my obvious power.

Now, let- no, that's not the right word. You don't really have a choice in the matter, do you? Either you read this as I write it, or no
other way.

Anyways, I shall now take a break in the proceeding of the story to explain, to those of you who remain ignorant of me, a bit about me, the
Aluran that I am. And I shall first do that by explaining what, exactly, an Aluran is, and a bit of our history.

We are a powerful race of creatures, humanlike in every other way but our ears, which are highly pointed. This is not to be confused with
an Elf who are short creatures and more closely related to the Sprites, the Pixies and the Faeries which exist in our world, Terra, in
abundance. Our social statice is show by the length of our hair, and mine is quite long, showing I am a vary powerful entity, as the shorter
hair gets, the weaker a choice an Aluran has in social affairs, having either proved themselves incompetent in such ways as to have a
higher influence, or just because they have less power, less true allies. This will sound a bit odd to those who do not now what we are,
where our font of power extends from, originally.

You see, our power is not truly determined by the power of our spirit, as it is in humans, though it does effect u in some small measure.
No, power is. . . . I truly must stop doing this, the use of present tense when referring to my slain race. Slain by the humans, as I
mentioned earlier. But I'll get to this point at a later time, soon.

Now, our power is from the combined spirits of our allys. The more true allies, people who will help you, who trust you, the more power we
have. It's as humans when they all join together to use there powers, only far more complete.
With humans and most other species, though, it's another matter. I don't need to trust them, to love them, they only have to trust me.

And that was what I used in trying to destroy the humans. I was a general, and so many people looked up to me. . . .

But back to my conversation with the god, and his purposal.

"Eternal nightmares? Not very poetic, are we?" I smirked and scowled.

"That's Mizu's job. " he answered, coldly. In fact, I was beginning to think that if he really was a god, then that must be his element,
the cold.

"That's right. My name is Sasume."

"Cold, in the ancient langueage. And mizu is water."

"Correct." I snorted.

"Figures." I smiled pleasently at him. "And what would these nightmares persist of?" I asked of him. He smiled and it sent a shiver throuh
my veins, making me scowl. I didn't like being afraid, and it was completly unfamiliar to me.

He reached out and touched my forehead with two fingers. THier touch sent a chill through me and I vaguely realised I was collapsing before everything went dark.

I opened my eyes and look about and imeiatly screamed at the top of my lungs.

Everything, from the strange clouds floating above my head, to the soft grass beneath my back, to the trunks of the trees and the thier
leaves swaying in the light beaze was. . . .


I hate pink. It brings back bad memories. Memories about a blender, two oranges and a bannana. And hair dye. Lots and lots of hair dye. I
don't think I want to get into it, right now.

Shivering, and not quite remembering that this was a dream, I stood, walking about and looking in horror at my surroundings. The breeze took
my hair and toyed with it a bit and it whistel through my ears. Slowly, I began to make out a voice on the wind, and the sounds of some

"Hit me baby one more time." The song sent more shivers through me, though at the time I had on idea what the horros of Britney Spears
could truely be, and I slumped to the ground, sobbing softly, my hands over my ears, hands that did nothing to keep the horrid noise out
and it seemed when I tried to shut my eyes, they remained open.

A woman was walking towards me. She was also all in pink with brown hair and lightly tanned skin, a welcome change from my pink
surroundings. If only she wasn't dressed in pink. When she spoke, though. I lost all my previous thoughts of security.

"Hello? Are you alright," Her voice _sounded_ pink. So pink I nearly gagged. "My name's Aeris!" She squeaked, smiling pinkly at me and
reaching a hand, covered in shivering pinkness towards me. It neared me. . . . Closer, closer. . . .

I sat up, eyes snapping wide, gasping for breath, sweat trickling down my brow. Sasume was knelt over me, one hand on his knee, other
dangling by his side with a smirk on his face.

"Well, now do you understand?" He asked, the smirk still twisting his blue lips. I glared at him and lept to my feet, grabbing him by his
thin shirt collar and lifting him with me, his feet dangling in the air when I reaced my full hight.

"You. You did that, didn't you?" My voice came out in hiss, with a slight quiver I didn't perticularly like. My fist was cocked back in
preparation to pummel him.

"And I'll do it again, longer, untill you make up for your near genocide." He answered my cooly, his eyes showing no glint of fear. Only
indifference and a hint of annoyance. My sides heaved as I glowered at him, not wanting to do as he asked, but wanting to return to the
nightmare even less. I shivered involentarily and scowled, dropping him abruptly, with the intent of catching him off guard and making him
humiliat himself, to no fruit. He only smiled and remained hovering in the air.

"What do you want me to do." I growled, lowly, glaring angrily at him, fists and teeth clenched. A muscle in my jaw clenched, and my
knuckles, I knew, were white at my sides. He smiled pleasantly at me.

"Why, Tsurete, I want you to save the world."

Tsurete Kurushi NiMinna
Meaning: (With bad grammer) Bring death ot everyone
Height: 6"2'
Weight: 150 Lbs.
Hair: Black, extermly long with tattered bangs in the front.
Clothing style: Black red, dark blue, dress shirts and pants.
Other: His ears are pointed and usualy hid behind his hair to discourage staring.
Personaltity: Arogant and bitchy.
Tsure should be shot. Multipul times. But I still love him. *glomps him** Tsure: **vein, twitch**