I can't tell you how much I feel for this story… my depression really showed in this. Really, writing seems to be my only escape now. I've been on for one year tomorrow. Figures a depressing fic would be the kind I would write…

~I'm just a girl~

You expect me to be a genius;

But I'm just a girl.

You expect me to be popular;

But I'm just a girl.

You want me to be perfect;

But I'm just a girl.

She pushed her way through the crowd, not caring who she banged into. All she wanted was to go home… or, what was supposed to be her home.

Don't think I can take this much stress;

I'm just a girl.

Don't think I can take your beatings;

I'm just a girl.

She opened the door and pushed the key into her loose jean pocket. The house was quiet, like it always was. Dark and quiet. The black haired girl closed the door and leaned against it. She let the tears that had built up during the day fly out. She fell into a crumpled position and let the sobs rack her fragile body.

The teasing, the laughs, the jeers… how would people be so cruel? Didn't they care about her feelings? Did they just care about making jokes and others laughing at them?

Please stop teasing... I can't take it,

For I'm just a girl.

Please stop the laughing;

The sound echoes in my ears

And I can't block the ringing;

For I'm just a girl.

She stayed in that position for what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes. She finally managed to sit up and brush her wavy hair away from her bloodshot eyes. She shakily stood up and leaned against the door for support. She directed her orbs at the white wall and went into a small trance. Images of laughing faces and raised eyebrows flew through her mind faster than lightning could penetrate the sky.

Don't people say that teenage years are the best of your lives? Well, that sure wasn't true; well, for this teenager it wasn't. Suddenly, the young girl flicked her eyes to the shadowed hallway; she blinked twice.

But you could listened to me,

Even though I'm just a girl.

Instead of teasing,

You could take the time to know me,

Even though I'm just a girl.

She walked down the hall and into the bathroom. Her mother had gotten new rugs the other day, and the girl really didn't want to ruin them… she started going through the medicine cabinet. Finally, she found what she was looking for.

Sleeping pills.

Her father had a stressful job, and couldn't really sleep easily at night. He didn't use them every night- just when he needed to get a good night sleep. The bottle was half full, and she dumped the pills into her hand. The ebony haired girl grabbed a glass of water and filled it half way. She dumped half the pills into her mouth and took a big sip. The second she swallowed she felt like throwing up.

But she took the remaining pills, forced some water down, and dropped the glass. It shattered into a hundred pieces.

She whimpered and fell into the bathtub. The green eyed girl wrapped her arms around her stomach and closed her eyes.

No more teasing now. No more judging or laughing. You have to find another girl to mock. Jamie Thompson is no more…

Don't cry over me;

I'm just a girl.

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