Can You See Her?

You laugh and joke and mess about

Not stopping to pause and stare

That’s is why you fail to notice

In the middle of the room, her sitting there

She seems really happy

She seems really glad

But if you glanced back over there

You’ll see she’s really sad

The seat beside her empty

The other one faces away

You can see the thoughts deep in her eyes

How to survive another day?

She walks along, head held high

Her footsteps hardly slowing

How ironic a seemly independent girl

Does not know where she’s going

She flitters in and out the group

Showing no definite belonging

But when her faces seems not to care

Her heart is hopelessly longing

You wonder why she’s so quiet

A loner from the crowd

But I can see her screaming

She’s screaming really loud

She wants to have an ally

Where she doesn’t blend

Where she’s accepted and appreciated

She only wants a friend