have you seen the white rose?
in the daylight of her garden?
when her stem was thick and carved,
and while her petals cried out wistful lust?
did her beauty draw you nearer?
and in the night, did you watch her
as she slept against the night air?
when there was no fence to protect her,
did you ponder to take her?
did you wish to steal her beauty?
her love and her lust?
were you there to watch her die?
after she was stolen from her garden?
were you the one that plucked her petals?
and squeezed away her wet lust?
did you hear her cry for her lover,
as you stole away her virginity?
did you kill her out of jealousy?
for her beauty, for her love?
did you creep inside her?
to invade her most inner secrets?
were you there to darken her soul?
and take away her love?
did you enjoy her angry tears?

or did you truly love her?