The Price of Freedom

Tom Conroy

A wave of ignorance swarms about me

And pulls me down.

I am alone,

Pondering the faults of my watery- world

In which I am drowning.

The tide tugs at me

And carries me out.

I am nearing my watery-grave.

I see a mirthless, unforgiving destination.

I enter a place of watery perfection

In my mind.

Everything exists as one.

A land of childhood stories opens

As my body sinks.


My body stops and rests.

I chase dreams and fantasies

That are just out of reach.

Unnoticed, a storm continues.

The tumescent sea of fear

Pulls down another.

The sea grows as it feeds

An unquenchable thirst.

The violent sounds explode into silence,

And the tumbling waves stop.

Nothingness reigns.

The eye of the storm,

A trick of nature.

The scared come out of hiding,

And the sea begins to froth.

As the waves begin to rise,

Panic takes control.

As I blink one last time,

I realiseā€¦

The sea decides who will win.

With my last breath

I cry for the lost people of the world,

And for the world of lost people.