Children of the Light

Tom Conroy


I see the world as it truly is.

Haunted by ghosts of terror,

It is a place of lost hope and

Shattered dreams.

You see the world as a place

Of happiness.

You see something highly fantastical,

A mere illusion.

We have shut our eyes,

So we cannot see our pain.

We have closed our ears.

The cries of humanity

Are not reaching us.

To fulfil our dreams,

We must work together.

To turn back to our origin of Light,

Would free us from the chains that we bear.

I visualise a heavenly world.

My mind spills out stale dreams.

Images of sunsets,

Endless summers and days full of light

Escape from the chasms of my imagination.

The turmoil of our society is a sign for us

To act upon what we have.

We can learn to truly live.

We can become true children of the Light.