~*Driving Exam Blues*~

I settle down for a heart-pounding wait
Wondering if failure again is my fate;
No doubt this is the most nerve-wracking part
I greatly fear I'll soon have an attack of the heart.

I look upon the faces of the testers, all so grim,
At all the people sitting round me, some fat and some slim,
Some sit with friends and giggle, with just a trace of fear,
Some look around most anxiously, their panic oh-so-clear.

Intently do I listen for my number, 20J,
I'm left alone and I assure you, feeling less than gay;
I wish that I could just go home and sleep
If this goes on much longer, I fear that I will weep.

Oh why must I go through this ordeal
I hate the way it makes me feel
An arduous rite of passage indeed
I wish that I had gone and peed.

"O summon my number!" I cry inside
This waiting I cannot abide;
O God please let me pass this time
And with this prayer I end this rhyme.